2 down .. ALOT to go..

Eventhough I loved the nice sunny weather we had during Easter I could do without all the eating.. I don't understand why every holiday is a binge fest.. But ya Easter is over and I have been doing really good since yesterday. I am doing very ok with food.. Yesterday I had no bfast, a small turkey ham sub with salad, no cheese / no saus- dinner was salad, portion of couscous, a portion of grilled chicken filet and some veg. And I had a handfull of nuts later that night.It's around 900 calories inn. Today I have had almost the same with the difference of a protein shake  (107 cals)  in the morning. I am trying to have a protein shake within 30 mins after I get up to test Rusty's theory.
Gym has been ok. I suck, and my condition is next to zero. But I went yesterday and today. Did a tiny little session of HIIT followed by 20 mins of steady cardio. I'm gonna keep going eventhough I don't do as good/ much as I wish I could. But I'll get there.. Oh and ya I almost forgot, I am down 2,2 lbs :) I still have many many many many many lbs to lose but ya.. 2 is better than nothing.. 


  1. 2 down is still down, that's the right direction at least! The gym will get better, just keep at it. In a little while you'll notice that things easier, your endurance will increase, you'll get stronger. You'll see.

    As for the holidays for some reason we seem to say "I care" with food. Next year I'm taking flowers not food to my BF's family. I was stuck with so many stupid cupcakes that I had made! I think that flowers say I care with out the calories : )

  2. Ya :) I'm gonna keep going and going and hopefully it will get better soon. I'm not giving up.

    I dont normally bring food with me unless they ask me to. I am a biiig flower fan hehe, but the problem is when you get there, the "oh you HAVE to have a tad more" to a point it gets annoying.