WTB a new attitude..

I have been reading alot of blogs lately.. And it is making me rethink the way I am and behave.. I am one of those people who knows what I need to do to care of my body and knows how to get thin and how to train and so on..
But lets be honest.. I am lazy.. I am very lazy.. And I blame everything on my "cravings"..
It's not hard to see that people actually work hard to get/stay thin. They aren't just born that way.. They work out for hours and they have iron grip on their eating.. Being a human they too ofcourse have bad days, but they get right back on and just keep on going. Me on the other hand.. Everytime I fail.. I just keep on failing. I don''t stop and say "ok.. lets fuck this.. and get back on track NOW"..
I normally have a breakdown and cry for hours and then go eat a cookie cause "oh poor me" had a breakdown.. I have had months to slim down for the wedding.. And only now.. 4 months before the "big day" I am actually hitting the gym. And even now.. I don't do well. Well I do good during my work day.. Then I get home. And binge.. And not a little one either.. I eat and eat and eat.. And then I get really sick.. And then its time for bed...
I know that I need to change the way I think about food.. We eat to live not live to eat..  And I need to change the way that I think about excersise as well..
I mean.. 30 mins is nothing comparred to what most of the others do to get and stay thin. I need to get inn a second workout if I am going to only be doing the lunch cardio, but then again the lunch cardio session are only until we move to a new building.
I'm also not sure how much of a ideas is it to just drink the VLCD shakes and smoothies. I still need to restrict the calories, but maybe a combo of low carb food along with the shakes and such would stop the insane binges I have at nights..
Anyways, I need to attend a meeting at work soon. I will try to put up a meal plan after, or tonight.

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