Yet another *sigh*

I did so good yesterday.. So good.. Until right before bed... My tummy was rumbling and my fiance was all "oh you should eat".. And he made me a sandwich.. I know how people say that ppl can't force you to eat.. But :S So I ate it.. And then I had a huge fit... I mean.. Doesn't he see what I look like?? How can he ignore the fact that I am huge?? Anyways.. I really wanted to mia.. To get it out.. But ya.. I just don't want to go there..

But ya.. Today is another day. Even with the fail of last night, I lost almost a kilo.. So today I am down to 104,1.. Which is better than what it was yesterday..
I am gonna stick to only liquids yesterday.. And I think with my "fit" and mini breakdown last night he is gonna understand.. Atleast I hope..

I really love my new job and my boss. My work hours now are from 0815-1700 and I have 45 mins lunch. I am always around 30 mins early cause my fiance drives me to work on his way to his work.

I have been wanting to have a workout session in my lunch break but 45 mins is too short to fit in the shower and so on. So I mailed my boss and asked if I could start at 0800 and have 1 hour lunch and guess what :D He said ok :)

The gym is only 2 mins walk from our office now. We will be moving to new office building in a few months, but I can keep my lunch workouts on until then :)

Anyways.. Just to stop the blab.. I can now have a cardio sessions in my lunch break starting today!!

Edit no. 2:
Comparring this session with my last fail attempt @ the gym it was great :) I went up 10 levels and burned twice as much as calories as the last time.. And I didnt reach the "puke" level as fast as the last time.
The only down siden of the gym during lunch hours is the fact that they have a chinese buffe in their cantine.. The smell was insane.. I could even smell it while training.. And the cardio section is on the second floor..

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