Yet another "Tired" post :)

Work has been super busy and I am again very tired. Weather is very unstable and it is really putting its mark on my body. But it is getting warmer - so that is great news :)

But other than that I guess I'm ok. I have been doing OK with food. But I want to get back on tracking properly and start exercising.

I have around 2 weeks to lose 12 ish lbs and I don't think it will be doable without the exercise. I also think the exercising will help me being very very tired all the time, and also help my moodswings :)

Anywho - thought I would check in and say that I'm alive hehe



  1. Ok is better than not ok! ^^ I wish it would get warmer here soon too. xx

  2. Hope you find some energy. Being tired all the time sucks! Thanks for your advice on my eats. You are probably right. It's WHAT I'm eating not how much. May need to figure something new out. Sigh.

  3. totally feeling the same way! I want to drop 10 pounds by spring break. fingers crossed

  4. Friday went bad.. We were out like 30 min before she wanted a kebabtallrik (haha) so I had unplanned nuggets and was home like 00.30..

    I understand that she's tired, but then we shouldn't have gone out..

    Had fun before we left though :)

  5. Haha I find it a little weird that people are happy because it's getting warmer but I'm happy because it's getting colder.

    I'l glad you're okay.


  6. Glad you've been doing ok :) and that you are alive. Good luck with the exercise!