Mini post :)

So yesterday during work I got my period.. Kind of wasn't expecting it.. My phone app had bugged and I thought I wouldn't have it before like end of this month.. Funny how we are so depended on all this apps and what nots.. I am staying off the scale this week.. I tend to be really bloated and weigh so much more during my period and I really don't want it to being me down.
I have been feeling really ill today - so I ate some food for lunch - and had some dinner. Don't know how many calories they had, so I over calculated them.. Still pretty under the budget - but the eating ttly backfired.. I have been really ill all night.. Sorry for the TMI - but been running back and furth to the wc a bunch of times and now I feel even more bloated.. I have decided that if I do feel more dizzy or w/e this week, I am going to have some fruit - that way I know I wont get sick.
Last night I ordered a new phone. I landed on the Iphone 4S - after being unsure about what phone to go for.. I have been an android user for ages and I love it but for some reason the good android phones are getting huger and huger.. I wanted to get the Samsung galexy nexus - but OMG.. I have purses smaller than that phone.. WTF... So the iphone it is..
I also had to change my serviceprovider - and if everything goes by plan I will have it up and running this Saturday. So if any of you girls are iphone users give me heads up on some good apps- I will ofcourse get the myfitnesspal app - but I am using a converter and a weight tracker app on my current phone that I would love to have on the new phone too :) Oh and something to track the monthly visits would be good too hehe. (OK end of geek rant)!
Other than that I went over my dashboard today - I cleaned it up and removed a bunch of  dead blogs, and so on... I really don't dare going on the blog with my boss sitting right behind me, having complete overview of my screen.. So I have less time to spend on the blog as I used to - but I am not finally updated on all of your blogs and I hope that I can move soon so I can go back to chilling with the blog at work again hehe.. (Sounds wrong, but it was the only think I could relax with) ...
I have added a tad of info to my "goals" tab - I am going to put up an overview on the personal challenges I am putting up for my self.. Like the valentines one - and the 20 lbs before the Chamonix one.. I think putting up mini goals and challenges for my self will help keep me motivated..
anywho - getting late, so I'm going to hit the sack..

Have a good night ladies :)



  1. Hope you feel better tomorrow!
    It's really easy to find converters and all sorts of apps on the iPod/iPhone and I'm always looking for new ones! There is one called "workouts" which is great :)
    Lottie x

  2. Sorry you are not feeling well I am a huge baby when I am not feeling good lol...I will be entering the wonderful world a smart phones this week (I know way behind the times but we do not even has 3G where I live lol) I will be getting the LG Phoenix I am pretty excited lol...Get to feeling better and take care.

  3. I'm a happy, happy i phone user. One app that helps a lot with all these passwords and log ins in our life is Keeper. You'll love the phone. Hope you feel better.

  4. i have the iphone 4 and love it. I was going to get the $s but i'm eligible for an upgrade next year and will just get the 5 when it comes out. Feel better soon!

    Thank you for the comment. I really am trying but the disordered part is too strong at the moment, and exercising helps get me out of my head :(

  5. I went into a phone shop with my mum the other day and the size of those phones are ridiculous. I don't even think some of them would be able to fit in your pocket.

    I use Period Diary for tracking those visits. You can get a deluxe version or a free one. I use the free one and it works great. Plus you can put a password on it in case someone comes across it and wants to snoop. Like my little sisters :)


  6. I "only" got 4.4 kgs left now and 35 days. Love that it's doable :) Thanks for the link to the recipe! I might try something like that. I'll probably go with white wine (I hate tonic). Kitty, with the recipe thing, you made the anxiety about friday go away. thankyouthankyouthankyou! <3

    Ugh period... I got a Samsung galaxy sII and I love it, even though it's big. Dont know the size diffrens between sII and nexus, but anyway :)