The scale is moving again!!! 1.3 kg/ 2.8 lbs overnight! Woooohooo!!! Can't really complain now can I?? :D This means I have 0.7/ 1.5 lbs left to actually be able to reach my valentine goal! 3 days.. 1.5 lbs! Doable?? HELL YEAH!

Ladies... I must say.. I finally feel like I can do it.. And I really think I can.. As far as the gameplan goes - It might be too extreme - so I might add some fruit or more veg to it.. I think I should really watch it so I don't go into a binge mode..

Over to the phone update.. OMG! I LOVE IT!!!!! It is so much faster than my old phone and I have found some fun apps already.. I am so loving this new phone..

As you might have noticed - I am in a much better mood today. And it is not because I actually slept to like around 12 today and feel rested.. Last night I had a proper talk with hubby about the whole baby thing. I made it very clear that I really do want one with him, but that I am not mentally ready for it. I am not ready to give up our life as a couple.. And how our sex life (or the lack of it due to all the stress we have had) was effecting me.. I also had a good cry and I felt that I finally could relax about the whole thing.
And he really understood. He understands that it's not me not wanting it - just not now.. For all I know - maybe I will feel more ready for it later this year.. I just don't want to always be on the edge and feeling guilty about it..

I feel so much more relaxed about everything now. I feel really positiv about things and I think not having the stress, the guilt and the depression will make things much easier.

I wish you girls a great weekend <3

And there .. I knew this was too good to be true.. He has in a minute managed to make me feel like a huge worthless shit piece of fat fuck... I don't care that he doesn't mean the things he says in "that" way.. He fucking should watch the crap coming out of his mouth.. I cried all the way home in the car - and now I just feel numb.. I fucking hate him for making me feel like this when I finally felt a tiny little tad better.. FFS....


  1. Oh, honey. Why are relationships this hard? ((hugs))

  2. Honey, I'm so sorry...
    We're here for you whatever you need, k? <3

  3. First; congrats on your weightloss! You can do it, I know you can. I believe in you.
    I'm so sorry that your hubby upset you this much! Sometimes people just blurt out with things they don't think is going to hurt someone, I'm sure he didn't mean to make you feel this way. You're not a "huge worthless shit piece of fat fuck" in any way petal, you're a beautiful strong woman and you'll bounce back from this. Hugs! xx

  4. I hope things get better again between you and your hubby. :(

  5. The first time I clicked on the link to your blog everything was in symbols rather than words lol. Freaked me out.

    New phones rock! I've barely spent any time off of my iPhone since I got it lol.

    Relationships are so difficult. I hope things get better between you both soon. xx

  6. ...
    2.8lbs overnight.
    i'm fucking jealous. xD
    1.5 in three days is nothing, love!
    yeah. i thought so as well. i'm thinking even if you have to kick it 'up a notch'- actually i think you should really stick to what you're doing. it works and it's great. ;)
    ahahaha. yay for new phone, Cupid!
    :) i'm glad hubby was understanding then!
    fucking bastard! what did he do?! that disgusting little...IM GONNA EAT HIM.
    -Sam Lupin

  7. 2.8 lbs overnight is awesome. I'd be lucky to lose one over night. Uggg...what did your hubby say? I'm glad you two talked about stuff but bummer that he ruined it.

  8. Kitty, I'm so amazed at your progress, it's like this new plan really is the plan for you! I'm glad it's working so well! You can totally do it!

    Yay for new phone!! I'm excited for next year when I qualify for an upgrade.

    Sorry the hubby is being a twat, but boys can be so silly sometimes and so so oblivious! I'm sorry he made you upset :( I love you!