Happy Valentines!

Valentines is here.. Did I reach my goal?: No, the dmg from the weekends binge were too high for me to reach it - Am I going to let the last few days stop me and ruin my coming progress?: Hell NO! - What am I going to do?: I am going to give my self the rest of this week to reach this goal! - Will I reach it? Hell YA! 

Thanks for your support ladies.. Hubby and I have had a long talk - and he says he knew he said something really stupid the minute he said what he did - and that the only reason why he brought candy up is cause it was Saturday, and it's a nordic thing to have the Saturday candy.. He is really sorry - and he has been trying his best to "fix" what he did since then.. So we are ok. :) 

I am going back on really getting my act together starting tomorrow. I am going to reach my valentine goal by the end of this week - and I will keep working on my Chamonix goal.. Also as an extra motivation I am adding an extra 5 lbs on the Chamonix goal.. I wanted to get rid of 20 lbs by then - it is now 25lbs - and hopefully I can make it 30.. 

Going to get a tad updated on your blogs.. Have a very happy valentines ladies.. And oh ^^ I saw this picture on Facebook I HAD to share with you hehe 



  1. "roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    damn, your motivation's gold,
    and so are you." <33

    awesome! i'm glad you're not letting it get you down. i'm also glad that instead of binging like insane when i've been down, it just pushed me to complete my goal even more! plus, i've no scale. 0___0 so...my life is practically done.
    aweee. but if he flares up again, i'll eat him.
    Peggy IS a whore.
    i'd rather have one valentine from someone i love rather than a dozen valentines from strangers. :3
    -Sam Lupin

  2. Yay, go Kitty, gogo! :D

    Aaah, lørdagsgodt. I get it now, I was so confused as to why he brought up candy when you were talking about glue. You know, boys are dumb. I'm glad you're okay now :)

    What's the Chamonix goal? Did I miss something, or am I just dumb (like a boy;p) ?

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes<3 I think you are a very warm person^^ and sunny! xx

  3. I love that card! haha
    I'm sorry you've been having a tough time lately but you can get back on track! I think that being a size that makes you feel healthy and happy is the perfect size for you. You deserve good health and nourishing food. Never forget that.
    re your comment- It's possible because there's no fat or sugar in it ;)
    Hope you're feeling better soon xxxx

  4. hope you ahd a good valentine's day and that hubby worked super hard to make up for being a total wanker the other day! I'm glad he realizes it was a stupid thing to say.

    HELL YEAH you will reach your goal! You've got the right attitude. You can make 25 or even 30 if you put your mind to it!

    I love that picture, haha <3!!