Weather is finally getting better.. And I think I should really get my act together with the exercising. I have been thinking about renewing my gym membership, but then I really thought about it.. There is always so many excuses to be made going to the gym.. And i have been talking about how I want to start running for AGES.. And we have the great park next to our place. So I am going to have get my act together.

I'm thinking about running every other day, and do either a Jillian dvd or something else every other day. This way I can ease into it.

Anywho - I am loving the idea of going more low carb - and getting into working out.. This is good. And you know what.. I have been thinking.. The only thing I would have to change if/when I get pregnant is to up the amount of my eats and change the exercise plan.

Anyways.. The weight hasn't being the way I wanted it.. Last week was a bad food week.. But I am getting my act together - Yet again.. hehe

I read this thing some where.. Can't remember where.. But it said "You haven't failed until you give up" - and I am not giving up.. I don't care how many times I mess up and crash.. I will keep going and going..



  1. wanna do C25K? I'm starting Monday I think, and then I'll probably do rowing on the in between days, or the elliptical at the gym or maybe biking. I like that saying "you haven't failed until you give up"... no giving up for either of us, yeah? <3 you!

  2. Never give up but don't be too hard on yourself either- consistency over perfection. You CAN do this! xxx

  3. gym sucks. all of the time. :D
    whenever i think low-carb, i think high-protein. whenever i think high-protein, i think damn - i need to do 1.66 hours of exercise to justify it! xD.
    last two days were bad in my eyes as well. i'm also getting my ass back together.
    i will get down.
    somehow. someway. even stuck at 156, i went down. albeit it's just a pound or so. the last 24 graduation pounds are biting my ass. yeah. that would technically make me weigh 132. if i weigh that much, then i'll make a huge post about how i went against Daddy's orders. :3
    gah. it's impossible to reach 132lbs by grad at the rate i'm going at. ahahahaha.
    yes! perfect. we all haven't given up. when so many other people would've. <3
    -Sam Lupin

  4. I like that saying. I'm really trying not to give up either.