I know I still need to learn to not let the scale dictate my mood - but I was soo happy when I got on the scale this morning, and I haven't been able to stop smiling since then ^^
After a week of not counting, and the gain, the scale is moving again and this time in the right direction.. Yaay :) I have lost like 1.5 lbs over night - and I beg to God that it isn't just water weight.
Eventhough I haven't been squeezing in exercise yet, my intake is very much under control thanks to skipping meals during the day. The one thing that bugs the hell out of me is that I didn't think of this before.. Imagine how much I could have lost if I had been following this a year ago..

Anywho - no need to dwell on the past..

@ Claire: I am not sure if I have allergies, but I am def. reacting to them. This is now a very stupid question, but gluten allergies isn't the same as wheat intolerance is it? (I should ttly google this a tad hehe) - And ya we have health stores and other option, I am looking into more options :)

To the rest - thanks for always being there <3


  1. YAAAAYYYYY!!!! Congrats on the weight loss! I'm so proud of you! I'm happy you are seeing results and feeling better about everything! Stay strong dear and Kudos!!


  2. Contrats! Keep up the fantastic work :)

  3. Isn't it funny how that little piece of metal & plastic dictates our mood? I'm glad it's being nice to you, and that you've found a comfortable way of managing intake.

  4. Well done on the loss :)
    Wheat Intollerance is like a less severe gluten allergy - wheat has much more gluten in than other grains like rye and oats, so I'd try cutting out wheat first to see :) it helped stabalise my mood loads and I don't get as much tummy rouble now :) there's some good food allergy information here: http://www.wheatanddairyfree.com/wheatdairyfreeintolerances.htm :)
    Lottie x

  5. Yeah! Every pound counts. You are on your way. Hope it sticks!!

  6. Congrats! :)
    They're not the same but similar. The allergy is just much more sever than the intolerance. Wheat is the main source of gluten in our diets so they pretty much equate. I'm not allergic but I can notice a definite improvement when I cut gluten out. Spelt is a good option if you can handle it but if not there are others- just saying.
    Hope your scales are nice to you tomorrow too! xxxx

  7. I'll miss you too :(
    Im soo happy that them scales are finally moving for you. Stay focused and you should be were you want to be soon.
    Thanks for always commenting on my posts, it made me feel like someone cared.
    Good luck on your journey love, not that you need it, you're doing great :) xx