So today, half way through the work day it start snowing.. ALOT.... First I was upset - specially since I wanted to start C25K with Nasimiyu today and I could feel that I was going on my "excuse mode" ..

And then to make things a tad more meh.. Around dinner time, I warmed up the chicken filet I had made yesterday to realize that it tasted horrible... I was testing this new honey curry seasoning and eow.. The chicken tasted so bad :S .. Hubby, eats pretty much anything... So he ate my chicken filet and I had some of his pasta.. And paste = wheat = I felt every more horrible..

So I was slacking on the sofa - surfing online, reading blogs.. And then I saw this post on K's blog  and here she says: " I read something that said if you really want it, you'll do whatever it takes to get it it... and if you don't, you'll make excuses." ..

So I got my butt out of the couch - and went on and did around 35 mins of WiiFit.. Burned 316 cals - and I don't really think it is that bad.. And then I sat down and tracked my eats on myfitnesspal.. I got me a nice surprise.. Todays net is 318 cals.. And you know what? - I don't hate it ^^

My weight keep going up and down - and I think if I am ever going to keep going down, instead of up - I really need to stick to whatever I am doing...

So baby steps - and keep going at it without changing the plan all the time is the way to go.. And I really think that is the thing that will work the best at the end..

So the plan is :
Eat veggies - fruit and lean protein
Exercise for atleast 30 mins - 5 days a week.



  1. Good for you for getting off the couch. It's hard to do and you did it! Yes, consistency is key and that's what I'm having issues with lately.

  2. That's it! You can do it. Baby steps and just keep moving. Pick a plan that's achievable and stick with it! You can do this :) I know you can.

  3. even just thinking about cold, i swear my body temperature goes down by a lot and i feel myself instantly colder.
    oh. shit. gah. i'm so unlike your hubby then. i eat specific foods cooked in specific ways only.
    yeah. consistency sucks that way and yay for moving your butt! <3
    and now that i'm in purge mode, i don't think i care about consistency as long as it's purged. fuck.
    that plan sounds good!

  4. Hurrah for beating the excuses! I really wanted to start the C25K with you guys, but it expects 8 minutes of running on DAY ONE and I can't start that high so I'm not sure the program would work for me.

  5. That's scandinavian weather for ya -,- Great work on the wiifit!

    iherb.com <- jeg har en usunn kjærlighetsaffære med iherb. De har alt du kan tenke deg av helsemat og litt til. Hvetefri pasta, blant annet ;) Jeg vet ikke så mye om svenske toll og importregler, men mannen din vet kanskje noe? Så lenge varene ikke koster mer enn 200NOK, så er det tollfritt. Iherb sine priser er så billige at det er ikke noe problem å handle under 200kr. Hvis du går over, så kan det fort bli en del i toll D:< Shipping er som regel ikke med i tollgrensen, men hvis pakken din veier over 4lbs så blir frakten plutselig veldig dyr...men hvis den veier under, så er det bare $6 i frakt. Hvis du bruker tilbudskoden TUG610 første gang du handler så får du $5 i avslag ;) Sjekk importreglene til Sverige før du handler, det er f.eks ikke lov å importere noen typer enzymer til Norge. Håper det hjalp! Hvis ikke så er det bare å si fra, så kan jeg gjerne hjelpe deg mer, jeg elsker å snakke om iherb og supermat :) Du kan gjerne maile meg på sleepwalker_834@hotmail.com, så slipper jeg å spamme kommentarfeltet ditt ;)

  6. that's ok luv, we'll start next week after your trip! I'm so proud of you for doing some exercise anyway! and that's a pretty good net! <3!!