Crappy mood ftw..

I am not really sure what's wrong with me. I have been feeling really down all day. And I have been soo tired for days. 6 hours of sleep just isn't enough for me. And 6 hours has been the most I have gotten the last days.. On top of the shitty mood we need to get to the bakery we ordered our wedding cake from to taste the flavor we had asked him to fix the first time.. which means sugary intake.. which means that even I won't be having more than a bite out of it, it still will fuck up the whole low carb plan.. We had asked to have the tasting done for over a fucking month ago.. He just had "forgotten" to check his mail... wtf does that mean even...
And as if I haven't been in an enough of a crappy mood, his grandma has summoned us for dinner on Sunday. And yes I am using the term summoned cause that is what she does.. we weren't allowed.. yes allowed, to visit when we wanted.. Now she wants us there.. she has been treating me like shit and like a gold digger ever since we told them about the wedding, and there is no fucking way I am gonna sit there and keep my mouth shut yet again. So Im not going.. Srsly.. why would I.. I do not respect people who don't show me any respect and I am not planning to start now either..
I am just so tired and sick of her behaviour... Family my ass... I have done without for years..*sigh*

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