Stay or move?? Thin or fat??

There are a few things that are giving me sleepless nights. The wedding details are going well. Most of it is planned, and I am starting to look more and more forward to it. On that note, I am feeling more and more lonely. I miss my friends in Oslo. I really really feel alone. I have no girl friends, and my bf doesn't really have any couple friends. The one guy that has a gf, well she is 10 years younger than me.. And she is very special..
I really enjoy my coworkers, but my team is me and 10 guys.. They are very nice and such.. But they are all so "wanna be macho" and so on.. I can't go shoe shopping with them :(
After my BFF was here.. I have been feeling even more alone.. It was so nice to have her around ( even with the munching ) ... My friends back in oslo are all in my age range.. All are couples now.. Are married/ or are to be married.. Live together.. Have kid/ want kids.. You get the idea..
If we are to have kids.. They will have so many kids to be around. So many that we already know they can grow up with.. I know.. I know.. The kids will have friends and such later on anyways.. But ya.. I guess I am reading too much into it cause I feel alone.. I have been having too much time on my hands the last few days.. Being home sick from work.. I guess that's why its all a tad too much...

Anyways, I was chatting to a friend and what she said made sense. I think one of the reasons, maybe the main reason why I can't stick to a diet is cause I restrict what I can eat, instead of just restricting the calories. I think thats why I always go on a "binge" when I first have a bite of one of the "forbidden" foods. Maybe instead of restricting everything I should just focus on calories and fat. Restrict those and go from there? Anyways I dunno. I think its worth the try.