Done with hungry!

As I mentioned before I have been reading Hungry. And I really enjoyed the first half of it.. Now that I am almost at the end.. I dunno... I mean.. How can she go from ana to "oh I wanna be a plus size model" and just start eating? And then I mean.. Ofc I am really happy for her.. Being healthy and so on.. But like poof.. and all her issues are gone?? I don't get it.. And then she keeps going on and on about how it is ok to be fat. And how most of the americans are obese cause they are between 25-30 on the BMI charts?? I just can't wrap my head around it.
Then she goes on and on and on trying to explain how those people aren't really fat, and how its better to be a tad overweight for your health than underweight.. Most of people with some sense know that it can't be better to be fat.. I really enjoyed the first half of the book. And I love the behind the scenes on the fashion site. The last part is kind of annoying me...

Ah well... I just don't get it....


  1. I haven't read that book yet, but now I want to read the first half! The last part does sound aggravating, I absolutely hate when people say it's okay to be obese, it's really unhealthy actually. Have you read Wasted?

  2. Ya I read wasted a while back.. I needed its "kick".. Maybe I should reread it...

    And ya I didnt manage to finish the last chapter of Hungry.. It kind of started annoying me too much.. All the "its better to be overweight than underweight" got a tad too much..