Are you an emotional impulsive binge/overeater??

If you are.. Then you are not alone. I have always been an emotional eater. I am THE eater. I eat when I'm sad.. I eat when I'm happy. I eat when I stress.. I eat to relax. I eat when I've got something to celebrate or when something is heavy on my heart. To round it up.. I always eat. I got the book "You can be thin" from Marisa Peer a few days ago. I don't know if you remember that I mentioned it in one of my earlier posts, but I got it few days ago, and started reading it yesterday. I have only read a few chapters but I have had so many "OMG I should have known that" moments.
I have always wondered why I eat the way I eat. And why I can not get rid of the weight. My diets have always failed cause I aim for the "I have to fix my eating" habits and not for the reason why I have the habits. And I am starting to understand why I always go to food for comfort.. It has been my safe zone.. When my step dad decided to use me as his personal play ground, the only thing I thought of was to eat, get fat, and thought that it would keep him off. For me food was what I used to keep me safe from the pain. From being used.. And that is what I keep doing. Every time I was to feel better, or every time I feel good, I want to share the feeling with my good and loyal friend.. Food... Now I understand why I feel so horrid and weak as soon as I stay away from it. I have made my self believe that food is what I need to feel safe.. What I need to feel good. And as long as I believe that, I wont be able to shed off the weight. This book is showing me how I should listen to my body and understand what I am feeling, instead of going for food as soon as I feel something.
I knew that what my step dad did to me fucked me up in many levels.. I knew that what my ex's made me feel made me unsure about how I look and feel. But I have never really thought about to what lever. I never thought that me calling my self for a fatty is making me believe that fatty is what I am. They say skinny people can't get fat cause their brain is programmed to stay skinny. And that fat people are programmed to be fat. This book is saying that, that is BS. We were all born to say no to too much food. We were born to stop eating when we are full. And that we were only born to eat when we were hungry. As a young kid we didn't eat when we got hurt, or felt happy. We used food as it was ment to be, not to fix or cover our feelings.
I am going to read this book, and then reread it and do the mental exercises- and then listen to the CD. And I have a feeling that this is going to be my way of finding the right way to shed the weight off, and keep it off. And hopefully on the way to that I will learn to deal with my feelings instead of feeding them.
If you like me, are an emotional binge/over eater... Read the book. If you are open to the changes you will understand why I am recommending it. And if you are going to, please let me know. I'd love to have someone take this journey with me.

Came across this clip and it ttly makes me think of my Bf hehe.. Some times he makes me feel like a teen hehe


  1. what a great revelation for you. hope that this really helps you and ultimately helps your food and weight issues.

  2. Thanks love :) It seems to be such a huge eye opener. Atm I am just reading the book, when I am done, I will reread and start doing the "mental exercises" and start using the eating plan asa we get back from london. Half way through the book now and it is really amazing.

  3. God artikel, jeg elsker det. Nyttige ideal, jeg også gerne en god blog. Dette er min blog. Vi kan forstå hinanden.