Feeling better today..

I am feeling much better today. I'm down 2 lbs which is good. And I feel lighter since yesterdays intake was a total 534 calories. I still didn't make it to gym, but I am not panicking over that. There is a lot going on that we need to have done for the wedding. It is around 9 weeks left now. I have been watching a whole lot of you tube at work lately.. And yesterday I was watching Super skinny me, and I know giving diet tips isn't what they were aiming for. But one of the girls that is almost my hight managed to get down 5 dress sizes in 5 weeks. 
One of the things she did was to do work out 2 hours per day. So that is what I am aiming for from next week. 2 hours of cardio per day 5 days a week. Who knows, maybe I will be able to get down 4-5 dress sizes by my wedding day. I mean 5 weeks of that amount of training is doable. I don't mind having my dress fitted to a smaller size. 
As Fed Up said yesterday, I think I have really reached my "I HAVE TO DO THIS" limit. I have been having so many "down" days lately that it is effecting my relationship. So now I'm just gonna do it..


  1. wow 5 dress sizes in 5 weeks!? That would be amazing! well done for less than 600 yesterday and stay strong honey :) xoxo

  2. Congrats on your progress and your intake! I need to watch Super Skinny Me, I've never seen it. I'm proud of you, you've motivated me to do better tomorrow. Good luck, stay beautiful! :)