Back to the start..

Todays WI was much better than the one couple days ago. I am back where I was before my bff came to visit. And that is good news. Cause I felt ttly yuck.. More yuck than usual.. I have been reading the book Hungry after I read about it on Harlows blog and I must admit, I am really enjoying this book. I am alomost halfway and I really have a hard time putting the book away everytime I HAVE to put it away. I was very down, and in a bad place when I read wasted by Maria hornbacher. It made it "easier" to purge.. I dont know if it makes sense.. And I really hate that feeling.. Anyways hungry is a good book.. If you like to read, I recommend it..

Not feeling all too great today.. I have a bad headache.. I think I havent been drinking enough water or something. I also forgot to take my CLA pills with me. I guess I will have to take them when I get home. One of many downsides of having Fibromyalgia is that I need an "in" day per week.. Else my body shuts down.. I dont know why.. It just has been like this for ages.. I didn't get that last week, and I really feel like my body is.. Like.. Really difficult to work with.. It's like I have no energy and I am even more short tempered that I normally am. I am also insanly sensitiv when it comes to light and smells.. And when I feel like I do today. It all becomes too much to deal with.. 

I am considering to just go home from work.. I don't seem to be able to keep going. But I am still pretty new at this job. And I did have Monday off cause my BFF was here.. So I dunno.. 



  1. hey kitty, I'm glad you're enjoying hungry. A couple people who have read it since I made that post didn't like it, but I think it depends what you want out of the book. one of the reason's I liked it (I think anyways) is becuase it wa sa little happy-happy and maybe I needed that?

    I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't really like hornbacher's books. I can't remember which on I tried to read, it may have been maddness... but I couldn't finish it.

    ~ Harlow

  2. Hay Harlow :) I think Hungry is really easy to read,easy to understand and as you put it, she is really likable. So I think for me its a combo of everything so far. I am looking forward to read the rest of the book :) It is one of those happy sad books if you know what i mean.

    I have only read Maria Hornbacher's book wasted and it was a huge trigger for me... I dunno why.. Maybe its cause I was in such bad place already that I just needed the little "push" to fall. I cant say I liked reading it.. But back then, when I was reading it, I wanted its insprition.. I know it sounds really wrong, but that is the only way I could explain it.