Weekend munching ftl ...

So I do great (not) eating during the week. I have work keeping me busy and I feel up with loads of water/tea.. But I do horrid during the weekends. At some point I just gave up counting the calories.. It just got too much.. :S

There is always some sort of social thing happening.. If that's not happening then there is eating out and such.. And no matter how you try to get around it there is still too much calories.. Oh and don't you just HATE it when you go to dinners and they serve you the food right on a plate? When you can not control what gets on it.. Or how much.. I don't get why some people do that.. It is so annoying..

Anyhow.. I didn't even bothered getting on the scale today.. I have just decided to ignore it for one day.. My body's reaction to the amount of food I have had this week is enough.. You know.. I don't mind eating out or much or whatever.. I just need to know wtf I am putting in me.. I hate when not having control over it. I really hate it..

I need some tips and ideas about how to get around this shit. How to deal with it when you are "served" the food .. And how to control the weekend munching in general.. I am trying to eat smaller portions of "normal" food during the weekends so my BF doesn't go panic mode on me.. But at the end of the weekend I end up always like this.. Blowded... Yucky.. Feeling huge..

So today I am having tea/water- I am not sure if I am going to get a coffee (118 cal) for lunch or just a cola zero. Will see :) If it's cold and crappy weather like it has been the last days I might go for the coffee..

On the TMI side.. I have noticed my tummy really goes mental during the weekends. It is probably cause of the all the food or something.. As soon as I get back to my normal eating, keeping it mostly to the liquids it gets better almost right away..

Oh and I am so changing my gym as soon as my membership goes out.. (Which isn't until the end of March but yaaa).. The reason why I joined this gym was mainly because my work has a deal with them so I got my membership a tad cheaper.. But OMG I have been regretting it.. First of all they lack some of the most basic machines.. Second the cardio section is tiny.. There are like 4 ellipticals- 2 stepmills and like 6 treadmills in total.. Which means training right after work is hell cause you end up waiting around for something to get available for ages..

We have been going to the gym after dinner (around 7- 8 pm). Their opening hours is stupid.. Srsly.. They close at 10 pm on normal week days, 9 pm on Fridays.. 5 on Saturdays and 7 on Sundays.. Sucky but you can work around it.. Now I just saw on the site that they are changing those during the summer weeks.. So from next Monday.. Until the end of August the opening hours are even less.. It is so freaking stupid..
Monday - Thursday 6 am - 9 pm.. Friday 6 am -8 pm- Saturday 8 am- 2pm, Sunday 3pm- 8pm... WTF!!! This is so stupid... And what the f-ck is up with the Sunday hours.. I am paying around 1,5k usd per year for this gym.. They should have been better, and they call them selves for one of the best in this city.. Right... This is so not worth the money.. I have been so annoyed..

Oh and ya.. We have to get to the gym more now. Last week has been next to nothing.. That has to change now. Planning to get back again starting today.

11 days left till we are going to London and I really am looking forward to it. As stupid as it sounds I used to go there to get my haircut 3-5 times a year. There is this saloon which I love and they are the only ones that have been able to give me a proper cut the last years. Being persian living in a nordic country.. Not having the thin hair means that most of the hairdressers panic as soon as I sit down and I end up with some shitty cut, or they just don't manage to make it light enough. Right now, I have so much hair on my head that if I was a sheep they would take me inn for some sort of animal rescue or something hehehe.. I hate having to have my hair in a pony tail all the time for it not be everywhere.. Or so I don't look like I am wearing a lamp shade..

I am wondering if I should go on low carb diet again. I tried Atkins once before and it was actually the only diet I have been on where I lost weight without starving. I dunno.. What do you think?


  1. If I could deal with the whole no carb thing I'd have probably tried adkins long ago. If it worked I'd say go for it with the knowledge that you will have to go back to eating some carbs again and knowing how to incorporate "normal" meals back into your diet. Oh, and your gym is horrible! Ours is open 24/7. It never closes. Not that I want to go 24/7 but it's nice to know I could go whenever I want and the longer hours makes it less packed when it is open.

  2. Ya I might. I read an article about it being good for the ppl with Fibromyalgia. I am going to read up about it a tad more before I try it out. Last time I tried it I felt pretty woozy all the time, and my tummy was a mess.. But I think it was because of the atkins products, so I think ill have to cut those out if I am to try it again.