The plan..

I haven't been on blogger all that much the last few days. The "crash" they had was kind of annoying. And I couldn't login for couple days. When I was able to get on it, my last post was gone.. Along with all the edits I had made heh.. The post is back. But changes are gone I guess.. I'll have to redo it I think.. Will see..

Anyhow.. The last couple of days has been pretty harsh.. The weather changes effect my Fibromyalgia really bad, so I have been in a whole new level of pain.. lol.. That combo with "the week".. It's been a bless..And honestly, I haven't bothered caring about what I eat and don't eat.. I haven't been able to care about anything really.. But now. It is a new week, and I am back at work.. The pain is better.. Probably cause of the huge dose of painkillers I had last night heh. I am refusing to get on the scale, cause I always gain a unreasonable amount of weight during my period. It gets back to normal like a day after it's over.. So I am going to wait until then. I should be safe on Thursday.

In my last post I said I was going to do the WL the healthy way. So basicly what I am going to do is to keep my intake to a maximum of 1200 calories per day (I am not sure if the weekly thing works for me.. I am afraid I'd binge on the "high cal" days).. And I am gonna pick up my training. I am still aiming to get 5 days a week at the gym where I do more cardio. Get up my HIIT and do longer steady cardio. And get in the two day split of strength training. Main focus will however be the cardio training to shed the fat off.. I always have bad days with my body.. Where the pain is pretty high.. On those days.. I am thinking about just taking it easy. Do a yoga class if I can, or just get on the treadmill and walk for an hour.. It is good for me to move abit even on those really bad days. I am planning to get on the scale once a week. And I am planning to do that every Friday morning. I like the idea of having it done before the weekend.

I am also going to find my measuring tape and take write done how big things are.. Keep hearing about how the scale can be wrong, so I guess that is a good thing to have around.

The other things I will be changing is the way I look at food. I will only eat when I am hungry, and not when I "HAVE TO".. I will stop eating as soon as I start feeling full. I am also aiming to eat more "whole" food, more veggies and fruits. And cut down the meat. Have more whole grains and such. I don't really drink any sugary sodas, and I don't really have that much of candy and such.. I normally crave it around my period but that is "normal" I guess. My main problem is going to be portion control, and that is something I am going to try to control with a "one portion only" rule.

Feel free to let me know what do you think and if there is anything else I should be doing/ not doing.

Edit: Has anyone seen this clip? I just ordered the book- it should arrive within a week. I got the paperback along with the CD. I will make sure to let you know how it works...

Can this be the answer to my problem???


  1. Sounds like a good plan. Nothing too extreme. Moderation and just being healthy.