May/June Competition and the skinny girl diet!

Yesterday was a bad day for me.. The only good side was that I got to order the wedding dress.. But other than that it was horrid.. Also had a huuge argue with the hubby to be and ya..

Anyways we made up.. New day and new start..

Yesterday I decided I would go on the skinny girl diet. I have made a page on the blog about what it is and the rules and so on.

I also joined americaneaglelove on her May/June cometition. She says "This competition begins on May 10th, ends on June 10th. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join, but I won't be able to mail out a prize to you if you win and you don't live in the US. The purpose of this friendly competition is to have fun, hopefully provide motivation towards your goals, and to help encourage others." There is a prize, but I don't really care about it. I just want/NEED the motivation.

I wasn't sure if I was going to join, I was just really ashamed of how fat I am looking at the weights of the girls that are on it. But ya.. I guess the fatter you are the more you need the support and motivation?

Anyways, making another page for the intake/ wight updates for the diet. I like to keep the blog posts for rambles, but still have the numbers somewhere.


  1. Your slider is so cute! I may have to make one and replace the one I have yours is that much cuter!

    Competition and challenges can be a great way to stay motivated and have accountability. Good Luck.

    And - the wedding dress you picked is really beautiful.

  2. Hehe ya,.. I hadn't seen the pink slider, until I saw you use it,, Now im gonna be the copy cat and have it.. I have a thing for pink stuff ^^

    Ya the competition sounds great. Day one today :) will see how it goes.

    Oh and ya I really love that dress.. And I still cant believe how cheap it was. I know I wont be skinny enough until the wedding day, but the dress is also another motavation.


  3. That's funny - I switched mine up from the pink to the beach since I'm going to Jamaica and that's really what I'm working toward before I even realized you switched! I love pink too, but it didn't work with my blog colors : ) But I'm glad you're using it.

  4. Mhm :) Jamaica is actually on my "want to go" list. Maybe I should put it up as a reward and hit it when I am bikini ready hehe

  5. I love pink too. Good luck on your SGD.

  6. A friend is getting married in Jamaica and it's become my workout mantra - "Jamaica, bikini, Jamaica, bikini..." keeps me going when I want to stop.