Feeling better..

I am feeling better girls. Thanks for your kind words. I do not think I am ready to talk to someone yet- I am one of those people who wants to figure out stuff on my own first (not that it always works that well but ya hehe)..

I think I was just really overly tired. And the season change pains made it all even worse.
But I am better. I have been going to bed early ish lately and been sleeping more. And it is doing wonders for me. I have still a whole lot of pain- but I am dealing so much better with it now that I am not so burned out. :)

I also got a hair cut couple days ago. Took off around 10 cm's so my air is just about over my shoulders now. You guys remember how I was going to have a brazilian blow dry? So I was finally going to do it next Thursday, but I got a call from the saloon saying that they didn't do it anymore- that they had started doing Brazilian blow dry zero... It makes the hair soft and shiny and blabla.. And I don't want that.. My hair is already soft and shiny .. I wanted it to be straight without me having to use the iron everyday. So I just told them to cancel it. I am not going to pay around 200 dollars to have my hair become more shiny lol.. I had bought a coupon from groupon for it- so I had to call them and get a refund.

Anyway, all in all I am happy about the cut- Makes me feel so much lighter :)

It was actually hubby who had bought it for me as a pre Bday gift. So now that we are going to get the refund, I get to choose something else to get instead. And I think I want to get a yoga DVD. We have the extra bedroom when we move and we are going to use it as a gaming/training room until it becomes the baby room :) Which is still far far away :)

Anyway.. Off for now..

Thanks again for being so great always



  1. 10cm?! Oh my gosh. I do love hair cuts though. I think I might get quite a bit of length taken off my hair but I always say that and back out lol.

    Sleeping more is so good. I've been sleeping slightly more and it makes the day a bit better when you don't have to start it on 3 hours sleep. xx

  2. Hi Kitty!!

    I'm so glad you are feeling better.