I was sort of frustrated this morning. I got on the scale.. Yes yes I know I shouldn't have.. And it was a 0.3 kg gain. Now I know that it could be cause I haven't had a proper BM the last couple days, or even water weight, but I felt so down and the first thing that crossed my mind was, hunger hurts but starving works.. But I mean for me it doesn't.. For me it's more, hunger hurts and then you binge heh.. But now I have had time to pull back and cool my mind off.. And I am not going to be too sad about it.

But I am cutting down more carbs- I had planned 3-4 slices of dark bread a day- that is down to 1. And I am going to cut down on the dinner carbs too. Keeping it to only veggie and protein.

I don't want to cut out fruits, that really messes up my body- I eat one/two serving of fruit a day and I really don't want to stop with that. And I guess I will wait and see what the scale says on Monday morning. I mean I have been doing ttly sucky for years- I guess I shouldn't get too much ahead of my self.

Ah well :)

Gotta work..



  1. Totally don't cut out your fruits, your body needs the vitamins :) Even if starvation works in the short term, I know you know that it is not sustainable and will inevitably lead to either illness or bingeing. Little and often and varied, is what you need to think.


  2. Don't forget that you worked out pretty hard too. And your body might just be in shock for a few days. Once it realizes that this is how things are going to be from now on (calories cut and exercising) it will calm down and you'll see results.

    And yeah, don't set your self up for a binge by starving. You know that eating consistently will keep your calories low, but you'll feel okay.

  3. You dont have to stop eat, just eat good things. Cutting back more on carbs sounds like a great idea.

    Yeah, we want to go in january but I've got lots of stuff in school :/

    I live in Västerås :P

  4. Don't get discouraged. It takes a lot of patience to lose a lot of weight. It's not going to happen over night. Just stick to the plan.

  5. could be muscle! that's too little of a gain to be fat. or maybe you retained water. It's good you didn't dwell on it and you're staying on course with the plan. I'm with you on the "hunger hurts and then you binge" lol. I do that too!