Busy bee!

This weekend has been insane..
We got the flat on Friday and the work started on Saturday. They have stripped the kitchen cabinets and floor and the hallway floor and closet along with the walk-in closet. The bathroom renovation starts today.
We have bought new wooden floors.. It is black oak to put on the hallway floors, in the walk-in closet and the kitchen. It is very very pretty.

When we got the flat on Friday - I got this panicky feeling. It felt like it was too much. And the horrid smell.. Ugg.. But it is looking better already and the smell is almost gone after we removed the kitchen and the closet and so on. So that is a good sign. And I think it will get very pretty by the time we are done.

I couldn't find my camera so the before pictures are taken on my cell- hope they turn out OK.

Over to something else. I finished reading Unbearable Lightness last night and I loved it.. It was so easy and comfy to read.. And I could relate to her feelings and thought in so many levels. And the ending was just so nice. I also loved the ending and her thoughts around intuitive eating. How we should learn to listen to our body. Eat when it asks for it- stop when we are full. And I have never managed that. I never eat cause I am hungry, and stop cause I full. I either binge - or under eat cause of my counts. I have DL'ed this book on my kindle and I hope to get a how to plan.

It would be such a bliss to stop the counting- and the binging- and the "cravings".. The hunger.. The good/bad food lists.. So ya we will see how it goes.

On the other note I have "stolen" the 60 day challenge from Samzi and I want to start on it cause I think it sounds like such a fun plan. I have made a page for it. and going on it from today.

The weekly challenge is: 
Pick one unhealthy food or habit you have (eg. Artificial sweetener, chocolate, eating after 8pm, skipping breakfast) and aim to go 7 days without eating/doing it.

Mine will be skipping breakfast. I tend to skip it or not have anything more than tea/coffee. And then have a half of a sandwich around lunch time and count it as breakfast. So if there is one thing I have always wanted to change and think can do - is this.

Day 1: 

How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, and what do you hope to weigh after the 60 days? (Be realistic).

I am 163 cm tall (it's around 5'3.5 I think) - and I haven't been on the scale since Thursday cause I had my monthly visit. But my weight then was 108.7 kg aka 239.6 lbs. (Yup horrid but that's what it is). I hope to be under 100 kg after the 60 days. So I hope to lose 10 kg - aka 20 lbs. I think it a doable number.


I have been off MFP the last 3 days- and I haven't counted at all. We have been out all day almost, and my cell app is acting up. I have not been on the scale either cause I have had my period. It was over yesterday, and I will get on the scale on Wednesday for the planned weekly weigh- in. Really hope I have lost some weight. Can't really tell at the moment since I have been really bloated..

@ Sasha: Great, I am following the new blog as we speak :)
@ Star: Thanks for the follow hon- I had a look at your blog and it seemed to be in Spanish, hence why I am not following back. Let me know if you have a blog in English :)
@Mia, Miranda, Run: Ya I had a talk to my leader today and explained the situation. He understands and hopefully there will be no more stinky situations like that.
@Nasimiyu: I loved it.. Enjoy the read :)

Anywho.. Off for now



  1. The renovations sound so exciting!! I absolutely believe in the body's ability to regulate itself if we pay attention to our hunger cues. I'm just not ready to "go there" yet :/ Good luck with it, and please do keep us updated on how it's going for you.

  2. I would love to read that book too. Everyone talks about it. Intuitive eating seems so simple but it's just not. Good luck with your new challenge. Can't wait to see the flat pics.