The plan!

So I got on the scale today and it was horrid :) But I don't care.. It is the last time I will ever see that number again.. EVER..

This is what I am going to do - I will make a plan of what I am going to eat and when I am going to eat. I tend to skip meals and then binge. So now I am just going put it up in my calender in my cellphone.

Veg: Greener - Protein: Leaner - Carbs: Darker

I am aiming to keep the intake to 1200 calories - and there is this other thing I want to apply and that is calories burned do not mean that I can add calories to my eats.

The other part of the plan is training. My main focus will be cardio workouts, but I am going to use the tips from Nasimiyu and vary my workouts as much as possible. Other thing I want to introduce is yoga and pilates. I am thinking about having 1-2 "off" days in the week and used those on yoga and pilates. But my main goal will be keep moving as much as possible- one way or another.

Later today I will get out the tape and measure up everything- I wanted to do it this morning but we had to clean since we have yet another viewing of our flat (it hasn't sold yet so ya.. ) .. So that will be done tonight. I do not want to get on the scale every day.. I have this love hate relationship with it and it can really put me off.. You guys know what I mean.. So now I am going to only get on the scale every Monday morning. No more - no less.

I am really well aware of the fact that maybe I wont be able to achieve 90 lbs in 90 days.. BUT!! I know that even if I don't the result will still be worth it. For me I am at a point that every single pound counts. And I am going to do as Miranda says.. Keep my eyes on the goal and I know I will do my best. And if my best doesn't make that goal.. I will keep going until I do :)



  1. Loving your positive attitude. Any loss is great and then you can just continue to build on it from there.

  2. Sounds like a great plan hun :)

    Thank you :D Now I can go too Systembolaget all by myself, haha. Yey!

  3. Solid plan sweetie!! Good luck to you!! Keep us posted....as I'm sure you will ;)