Hubby had to hit the shooting club after work so we couldn't go to the gym. I asked him to get my home before he went - and I just finished doing day 1 week 1 from Jillians ripped in 30 days plan (got it online from this blog on tumblr- let me know if you want the link)..  And OMG.. I know I shouldn't get this surprised each freaking time.. But I felt like I was going to puke during the warm up lol

I was sad over not hitting the gym - but I feel so much better after this session.

Oh and hubby was late picking me up from work- so I walked down the road instead of waiting for him at the office.

I must say I am also very confused over this HRM thingi.. Ugg.. I was sure it war properly on- but seems like only the pulse counter was on and not the calorie counter.. Such a d'oh moment :(

Anywho.. Off to make dinner Chicken filet- veg and rice on the menu for today.



  1. Yay for still getting a workout in even though you couldn't go to the gym! I have realized that I actually hate the gym. I didn't renew my uni membership so I can't go there anymore and every time I pass the building I am relieved I am not going there for a workout. Much prefer netball and running outside :)

    What HRM do you have? Mail me the spec and I'll see if I can figure it out as I've had a couple of different models.


  2. Sounds like a nice dinner. If you get any kind of work out in at all that's a win!

  3. Can you send me the link please?

  4. I'm with AJ. I hate the gym too. But I may have to bite the bullet and get a membership so I can keep running in the bad weather.

    I love ripped in 30 as much as I hate it. It does give you a great workout. Glad you found a way to workout with out the gym!

  5. sounds like a good healthy dinner! And I hope the workout from the DVD helped. Jillian is kind of good at the weight loss stuff from what I gather so she probably knows a lot of good workouts. I think it's good that you found a substitute exercise instead of just lazing around when you couldn't go to the gym! that's really inspirational, I need to do that. When I don't make the gym I just laze around and don't do anything productive.