Watching the movie again.. I had a sudden urge.. Weird.. But it sure is full av motivation (aka girls with amazing bodies) hehe..

I have decided I am taking the rest of the week off. I sort of had an argue with my teamleder on Tuesday - which made my sucky day even worse.

The thing is I am like super over sensitive.. Extreme sound- light-- But the thing that I react most to is smell. I can not deal with fish- onion- garlic.. It has gone really bad with the fibromyalgi. But I never ever thought I would have to argue about it at work..

This guy at work keeps eating at his desk.. And you know I don't mind it cause normal people have like some fruit, or yogurt or something like that. But he eats like hot food - or salad with raw onions dunked in garlic dressing..

I have asked him several times to don't cause it really makes me sick.. I get really ill... And last Tuesday it got so bad.. His onion garlic shit- along with his fucking power ball.. (Yes ladies.. He brings a toy to work *sigh*).. And it was so bad that I moved from my desk and went downstairs with my laptop to work..

When I got back (like two hours later) - I had a chat with my teamleader, saying how ill this made me - and that I have brought it up several times and rest of the guys respect it but that fucktard..

And then he said "but he was only eating a salad" ..... Come on.... What the hell is that for a pro workplace? I love my job and most of my co-workers. And I am so sick of that guy..

It's not like I am being unfair, asking for something weird... Anywho.. The convo ended with an ultimatum from me.. I said "if this happenes again, and you do not tell him to stop, I am packing my shit and going him - and will work from home from then"..

But when I got home.. I just got more angry.. So I needed a break- and I decided to just take call in sick.. and I did that yesterday.. And today.. And will tomorrow..

But in the middle of all of this shit.. I got my period yesterday.. 8 days too early.. And today I woke up with a hell of UIT (Urinary tract infection).. Anywho.. I got to the doc and got some antibiotics for it.. And I am feeling better already but ya...

Anywho.. Enough about this shit... Tomorrow is the big day.. Taking over the new flat.. I am really looking forward to that..  :)

Yesterday didn't end up liquid, but I did really good with my eat- and woke up weigh in less than I did yesterday even with my period..

@ Seeking Something Else : thanks hon.. It is good to know that I am not alone hehe :)

Anywho... Off for now :)



  1. Sometimes people dont think longer than their noses.. Gaah, I love onions and garlic but I would absolutly stop eating it at my desk if someone asked me too. It's not like it's a big deal for the person who's eating it..

    And that goes for the comment on guys too.. Boys will be boys, but is usage of their brain really too much too ask for? :/ Thinking before they open their mouth..

  2. The guy is just rude. There is no reason the lunch room can't be the lunch room and the desk for work if there is a food issue that's making you ill. Your co workers should support that. If he wants to eat at his desk tell him to get a cold sandwich. Good luck with the big move.

  3. I once had a co worker who was ethnic and every meal had curry in it. UGH. However, you cannot tell someone they can't eat something. It's a form of discrimination unfortunately. But i do feel your pain. Maybe from now on when he starts to eat just go straight downstairs? Fuck that guy. Seriously.

    I hope your move goes good and you feel much better soon! Good luck!


  4. I love the Burlesque movie!
    Onions and garlic? People actually eat them two foods outside of their houses? I'd feel the same way if he was eating that crap at his desk.
    Good luck with the move. :) x