Not a morning person lol

So we were going to wake up right before 6 am and get in a mini workout before work- but I didn't even notice the alarm clock going off then... I think we will put off the morning workout on a hold until after our move. Being able to go to bed earlier - will make it so much easier. But yes there is a but ^^ We are going to the gym after work. That is a good step. But the other major step I have taken is that I have all my meals planned.

I keep skip eating- or eating the wrong stuff and then binge.. Now I have every bite planned- and I have even made up a whole bunch of alarms on my cell for when to eat. I might not be able to eat right then- but I will get to eat as soon as possible. My meal plan is under 1000 calories. And the main different is that there a several small meals and not just a couple of huge ones.

This should make my stomach shrink.. Wont it? You know what I mean? It wont have to expand as much and then I will get fuller from smaller amounts and so on..

I wonder if I will manage to stay off the scale until Monday morning. This once a week thing is hard...

Oh btw, does anyone of you have a tumblr account? I got me a blog there cause it is so filled with with health blogs. Here is the link to mine - let me know if you got one too :)


Gonna try to focus on work.



PS: Welcome to the new follower :) I do not seem to find a link to your blog- so if you have one and want me to follow, leave it in a comment.

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