I was feeling all well this morning and then I got to work and our morning meeting.

We are going to have this after-work gathering with 2 other deps - and I had said that I could stay over after work for a little while.

So today we got this email where they had put a small picture of everyone that had said they will come - and made a "get your coworks to come" mail out of it.. So during the meeting the subject of the party was brought up - and then one of the guys says "there is a girl in the picture and I have no idea who that is" - so the phone with the mail and the pic was passed to couple more and they were all "oh I have no idea who that is" - so I was like "let me see" .. And guess what... The picture was me...

And then they are like "No it's not you- you don't look like that" ... 

The picture is like 7 years old and someone took it from my facebook page- but still that is what I look like.. I  am the same me - with darker hair and less make up..

But wtf.. No one could see that is was me??

And I know.. Boys will be boys.. Working in a team with 11 other guys means I have to deal with a whole lot of stupid manly comments- but I mostly just ignore it and put it in the "stupid boys file" ... But this really really hurt me.. And I am really upset cause I do not understand why I am letting this get to me so much..

Is is cause I weighted less there and now I don't? - or cause they think I looked much better there... I mean who gives a fuck about what they think right?? *sigh*

I feel really bad now..

Anywho.. I'm gonna be off for now.



  1. Oh hun im so sorry that happened and that ur sad. Try not to let them get to u? And who the hell authorized them to access ur fb? They should have let u pick the picture. And,if im misunderstood n u did pick it, fuck them. Anyone who cant recognize u isnt worth ur time!! Ur beautiful n dont forget it!!!

  2. Don't let it get to you. It could have been anything about the pic that made it not look like you to them. Did you even think that maybe you look better then you used too in some way? It's possible. Anyhow, don't be bummed.

  3. {hugs} I can relate because I actually get that alot - people see me with my hair down and I don't look like me, they see me with glasses instead of contacts (or the other way) and I don't look like me. I got my hair cut once and went out dancing - all the normal guys I dance with ignored me, and all the guys who didn't usually ask me to dance did. Because they didn't recognize me. It was a hair cut not a make over!!

    The point is... some people are just oblivious and they don't do it to hurt you, they just don't see what they're doing/saying.