Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” - Robert Collier

This weekend has been such a mess..

I had the biggest fight I have had with hubby since we got married.. It was so bad girls.. It was to a "I hate you and I knew I shouldn't have married you *tossing the ring in his face*" sort of bad.. We are OK now.. And the worst part is.. It wasn't even his fault.. I have no idea what's up with my temper lately. It's been bad. I have been pretty much on the edge and so emo.. I started crying over nothing several times yesterday. And that is so not normal for me.

Ok so I have always had sort of a bad temper- but it take a whole lot to make me explode like I did on Saturday.. And crying over nothing.. Like.. I started crying over that bird not being able to fly on "Rio" .. Wth lol...

It might have something to do with my eats.. Too much or too little of it.. Ah well that's what I think.. Not sure.. But what else could it be??

Anyways.. I have minor changes to the plan- I'm upping my intake.. There are several reasons to why I am doing this.. First of all- I binge.. Almost every single night.. I do good during the day- and then I binge cause I am really hungry... I need to eat more during the day so I don't binge at night.. And since I have not been purging for ages - that means a gain.. I am not going back to the binge/purge circle- so I have to get a hold of the binges.. And I think upping the intake is a good solution.

The other reason for it is cause I have been so worried about what will happen when I get pregnant.. And how I will emotionally react to it. And how the "none dieting" will effect my body. Will it sett me up for a huge binge session? ... So ya.. I don't want that to happen, and I think having a higher intake- will ease the shock on the body and it will ease it all.

I am also going to change how I think of exercising. At the moment I just say "fuck it", if I don't get to exercise on my exercise nights.. Now my goal is 3 exercise sessions.. Don't care if they are tree days in a row- or what ever.. I just want to do it 3 sessions of it.

I remember this friend of mine going to the gym Monday to Tuesday to get her 3 days out of the day. Then she could relax and do other things. I never understood her "reason" but I am understanding that more and more now. I am not a hardcore gym person ,so I am in no desperate need of rest days.. As long as I exercise, I will be happy.

I also want to say this again.. (I probably have before) but ya.. I love you guys for being always there- and always supporting..


Gonna end this wall of text with this picture on saw on my tumblr dashboard..


  1. Not eating enough will definitely cause a short temper and probably bingeing and feeling unhappy generally with yourself because of it will make you more reactive to even the tiniest of things. Been there, got t-shirt, still bloody wearing it!

    Hope you have a better week and find your flow (with eating and exercising) soon


  2. I'm really emo too right now so I understand how you feel :/ But I think mine is PMS and because of the new hormones from my new birthcontrol pill.. I hope you get better if you eat more! It's not because you're worrying about the pregnancy thing? It's stressing, and stress isn't kind on our body and soul..

    I try not to even think about not doing any exercise. I just do it.


  3. :( awe. i hope you're feeling better now. usually, eating too little causes a lot of mood swings. i get aggravated so easily, it's horrifying sometimes.
    yes! exactly. your eats. they play a big part. i used to be pretty balanced in emotion. but now, i think i'm just - so irritated that it's annoying. also, another factor? = not enough sleep. for me, no sleep + no food = horrid Sam that will eat you and your cats.
    yes! everyone loses on their own pace. i'm quite competitive. so seeing someone post about how they ate 200 calories that day makes me feel like a failure most times. but i have to remember that EVERYONE'S BODY IS DIFFERENT. you do what works for you. <3
    the gym. my mortal enemy. i actually have been obsessively exercising nowadays...like about 80-ish minutes per day. O_o and i've no idea why. i'm just way less hungry when i do. and i do it so obsessively. i was waking up at God knows what hour just to do so! ...new Sam? xD
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. Mia is an exercise junkie. But love her. xD.

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  5. OMG I read your comment while binging.. It made me stop <3

    I'm rather an exercise junkie than a food junkie :)

  6. Jag vet inte vad jag ska skriva mer än <3

  7. Not eating always makes me irritable. I have yelled at my BF when my blood sugar is low so often I am surprised he's still with me : ) I am sure your husband knows you didn't mean it. A higher intake might be good too. If you are creating a significant calorie deficit through diet, you probably don't need to exercise much.

  8. oh man that sounds awful, the fight :( glad you sorted it out though! and sounds like a reasonable modification to the plan. I'm so glad you aren't purging anymore, and if eating a little more will help you stop the binges you should definitely do it, because most likely even if you up your intake you're still going to be eating less than you are now with the bingeing, so you should see some loss!