I'm back.. Nvm the other blog girls.. Sorry for being ALWAYS so messy and not able to decide.. I am back where I belong..

I will make a proper post later..


PS: If I am not following you anymore and you want me to- leave me your blog link as a comment and I will follow..


  1. Hey Kitty, I saw a post about taking a break in my blogroll, so perhaps you removed it. In any case, if you need some space you'll be missed, but take it. Take care of you.

  2. EEEeek! It won't let me un follow the other one via my dashboard. Usually, I click the follow link on the blog itself and chose stop following when this happens but b/c your blog is removed it's not letting me. A blog that no longer exists will be on my blog roll for all eternity...which is tough for an OCD wonder such as myself!! Wondering if you could have it show up for a minute so I could un follow? : )

  3. Glad to see you back!! Come follow my blog if you'd like!