Getting fatter and fatter..

Ladies.. I am right back at my fattest weight ever.. Almost- not far off.. 
And I know exactly why.. Cause I have been eating out- and like a pig the last few days.. Probably the last week.. Who counts anymore.. *sigh* 
I am in a very bad place.. I feel pressure from everyone... My BFF is acting- what ever she is.. She is bitching me for not being able to take the trip to Oslo this weekend. We were going to- but then she said "you better come early- else you wont even be able to attend the bday (it's her sons birthday).. I mean wtf is that?? It would either be 6 hours drive each way for us- or a very overpriced flight. I was OK with taking the drive - but we wouldn't be able to go after work (then we wouldn't arrive before like 2am) -- So we could start driving early Saturday- but that was apparently not good enough.. 
So what the fuck am I supposed to do? Pay an extra 2k USD to take a round trip where I wouldn't even have a whole day there- with all the extra things we have going on now? 
And then she pulls the "you would if you had your prio's right" .. OMG.. When she met her now husband- we were living in the same city and I didn't see her for like 6 months.. And even then he was ALWAYS there.. 
We couldn't even go underwear shopping with him not being there. 
I live in another country and haven't had a weekend off for months and she tells me I need to rethink my prio's? 
And then there is my mum- and hubbys mum that are already arguing with us about fucking Christmas.. 

Why is it so fucking hard to understand that we are almost 30 years old- have our own home- and our planning to start our own traditions and will do what the fuck we want then?? 
We aren't saying that we are not going there - only that we will go there the day after Christmas eve.. Buuuuttt noooooo.. That is a fucking drama now.. 

Or my mum.. She doesn't understand why we will not spend every year over there??.. OMG.. Why can not she understand that every fucking time- I am in her fucking house I hit a "I wanna die" depression level.. ?? Why can not she understand that I can not just forget every fucking thing that has happened to me in that house?? And that I HATE IT there.. I have forgiven her- but I have not forgotten.. 

I am srsly gonna flip on both of them - if they soon don't shut the fuck up about this shit.. It's like they aren't even thinking about why there is a holiday called Christmas. Last year- hubby's family had a good lough when they heard I go to church for Christmas.. I mean who does that?? Why is it so funny? 
Only cause they don't care - it doesn't mean they have the right to act that way. Ugg.. I am so sick of them all.. 

And then there is work.. We have been having a bunch of issues lately :S Which means my phone has been buzzing none stop.. and my email box is exploding... *Sigh*.. 

And we have had viewing of the flat EVERYDAY... This one guy who was really liked the place- kept wanting to see it again- with new family members.... So everything has been tucked away for days... And ya we finally sold it- the first part of the deal is done (We signed the papers around 8 PM yesterday) - but he wants to have yet another viewing of the place - with his GF this time.. Which will be this Sunday.. 
And now hubby's mum is making a fucking drama over why we can not attend a brunch on Sunday which she just decided to have last night.. WTF... 

On the bright side the flat is sold.. but ya.. Didn't get to chill about it with her fucking drama... 

And then I went on the scale and I am miss Fatty le Pig.. Which is.. I dunno... Another fuck moment.. 

Anyways girlies.. I got a whole lot to do at work today.. And I am going to stop the "fuck" - post .. 

I know "this too shall past" .. I just have to learn to deal... 



  1. Ugggg!! Family issues can be the pits. Just tell them like it is and move on. There is no point arguing or feeling bad about it. It's your holiday, your life, and frankly it's your money that has to be spent to go there. The good thing about it is they are in another country!! They can't come knocking on your door. Hope things start to look up. Oh, and your friend-she needs a reality check. She needs to understand you can only do what you can do.

  2. Sounds horrible :( I hope your luck turn around soon and comes back to you <3