Hear hear...

I just have my first binge free weekend in YEARS..... Yup.. You heard it! I had one unplanned meal- but it was a meal- and no binge.. 

I have my official weigh in on Wednesday.. But the scales was 1.5 kgs down yesterday.. 

I want to give a huge thanks to Miranda.. Honey that last comment of yours really got to me. I could almost hear you shouting at me hehe- "get though with your self".. Thanks <3 
It's like.. I know I need to - I never care enough to "get though on my self" ... But I will :) Actually I am! ... I am going to keep this trend going :) 

What else... 

Oh ya.. We bought an apple tv thingi.. hehehe.. I am ttly inlove with it.. We were at this shop to have a look at the fridge/freezer options for the new place - and there it was.. Played some with it yesterday and I heart it hehe.. So if you have a hubby/BF/GF who loves gadgets and owns a mac/iphone/ipad - this is THE give away christmas gift ^^ 

The other thing I bought there was an air popper.. I have been looking for one for AGES.. But they are not common in Scandinavia - so I couldn't find it. I LOVE popcorn- and I have been avoiding it cause even the ones you make in the microwave can be so fatty.. So now I can pop my own fat free popcorn ^^ 

I feel much better girls- thanks for all your concern. I have been having lot more sleep (aka more than 4-5 hours per night) and I feel more relaxed. 

I have also bought a whole bunch of weight watchers frozen meals that I have been eating for my dinners along with some green salad for dinner and it has really been helping me control my intake. I was really surprised over how tasty and low cal they are. I will most likely replace all my dinners (ex from couple of family dinners) with it. I manage to control my intake well during the days- it is weekend and night time I have a huge issue with- but these meals are really helping me cope with the dinner time binge cravings. 

I noticed that I managed to stay under 1000 cals on Friday (that's when I started with those meals) and around 1200-1300 in the weekends. (My weekends munch tend to be way over 2k so this really is a win).. And that is how I plan to keep going.

I'm gonna put up a page for weigh in Wednesday (again) and update it once a week. I know I wont be able to skip the scale - and stay off it. But Wednesdays are going to be the official weigh in day.

Anywho :)

We are taking over the flat on Friday and I am going to take a whole bunch of before pictures. The guys we hired to do the kitchen/floors are starting on Saturday. They are going to just pull out everything - and they will take it out on Monday, and then start putting down the new wood floors in the hallway and the kitchen.

The bathroom guys will start on Monday (that should be done in 2-3 weeks). Yaay for that!

OMG I just noticed - there is like 4 weeks left till we are moving- maybe I should start packing around already so we can toss whatever we don't need.

We still have no painters though- so we should figure that out soon. Oh and they will deliver the kitchen cabinets around week 45- and they are going to start on it from week 46 ( aka mid November ) and it takes 3-4 weeks to be done.

There is one thing we aren't sure about. and that is what we are going to do with the closet in the hallway. I mean we have the walk in closet in the end of the hallway- and we are going to have a wardrobe in the bedroom. The one that I am talking about is in the "original" shape- and it has two long doors and two small ones on the top. I was thinking maybe we can use one side (there is a wooden wall in the middle) as storage for the cleaning stuff - and the other side to hang winter jackets and just paint the doors to match the rest of the walls in the hallway.  OR should we just empty it - and remove it and put it a new one with those doors you can shove to the sides.. Ermm - like this.

But then sort of built inn the wall- if you know what I mean.... I guess it means yet another expense and I am not sure if we can have it with everything going on.. So we will see.. It would be cool though hehe

Over to something else.. I am so sick of the gastro guy.. He really makes me ill... Like I feel like I am going to vomit just being close to him.. I don't talk much to him anymore -but I still have to since he still works in the same company. And I just had a case where I needed to check some facts with him.. So I sat there talking to him for couple of mins.. It was maybe less than that even.. Now it feels like my legs and everything are itchy.. like ugg... Wtf... And the smell.. OMG.. The fucking smell... I do not understand how ppl that sit around him don't vomit.. It is horrid..

And I must say.. He is just waste of tax money.. Our taxes pay for his surgery and recovery and the fucktard is still stuffing his face.. How is it even possible.. Every single documentary I have seen about this say that you just can NOT eat solid food for months after it.. How the fuck does he manage to eat so much? He is ALWAYS eating.. Everytime I pass him he has food or juice in his hand.. There is always candy/salted nuts around his keyboard (another yuck factor) ... He brings food from home - AND gets takeaways every freaking lunch.. How does he get it down??

Ugg.. Enough about it.. I need to use to anti bac on my legs or something.. Cause I still feel itchy and ugg ... and its like 15 mins ago I was there...

I never thought I could dislike a person so much just cause who/what they are.. But I guess it is possible..

Anyways.. I am going to be off for now..

Dreading this meeting I have in less than an hour... So wish me luck....



  1. Way to go! I think the weekends are hardest for everybody. It's when we're more social and don't have the structure and routine of going to work or school. I'm so happy that you're finding something that works for you.

  2. I'm so glad you found a way to keep the calories down during the weekend. I'm thinking of trying them too :)

    Thank you for being there <3

  3. Can't wait to see the before and after pics of the flat. Oh, and hubby was talking about Apple TV the other day. He surely wants one. If he doesn't get it first it would be a nice X mas gift. Good job with the meals. Having a pre planned one is a good idea. Oh, and you are welcome...even if I was sorta yelling at you!! I just really think you can do it and you want it so bad so I want you to go after it.

  4. Soooooo proud of you for the binge free week!! Keep up the good work and good luck with the move!!