busy weekend..

Ugg my eats were horrid yesterday thanks to the office afterwork party. Today has been ok if you ignore the rolls I had.. But still in my calorie budget. Going out for sushi dinner tonights. Don't have much time for a proper post now- but I will make one with the eats details and the challenge questions either tomorrow or on Monday...

Oh and we were at the new flat earlier today.. The bedrooms are almost ready :) The light purple is a tad more purple than white but it is still very pretty..

Anywho.. Gotta run..


Edit: Went by the American store - and thank to the very overpriced lovely ppl there I now have 10 cal sugar free Jello- and PAM cooking spray.. Yay for that hehe :)

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  1. The light purple thing reminds me of my thoughts when I saw my bathroom. It took a while, but I like it now.

    Have a good weekend. x