Day 15...

Week three!
Weekly challenge: Add an extra 30 minutes to each work out this week, or if you weren’t going to work out at all one day, work out for 30 minutes!

Day fifteen: What is your favourite kind of exercise?
Hum.. I actually like the elliptical (does it count as an exercise? ).. Easy on my joints and I guess a good overall machine..

New week- new day.. New plan:

Step one :

I am going to stop eating stupidly little for days, for then to end up in a binge mode.. I am going to keep my eats to 1200 calories and stop forcing my self to go around hungry... And then binge.. And so on..

Step two: 

I am starting an emotion journal. I am going to write down when I eat - and when I get hungry. And I want to write down WHY I feel hungry. This way I hope to learn to tell the emotional hunger apart from actual hunger.

Step three: 

I will exercise. I am not aiming for much- I want exercise 3-4 times a week - no less than 30 mins.

Step four: 

I will plan my eats- and will practise portion control. No more mindless munching..

That's it for now..

@ Nasimiyu :
The post started with a moron talking about how sick she was of MFP letting ppl with Ana on the site- and that they should be removed.
Then another moron agreed and said "I hope they learn to enjoy small part of the life and stop being vain"
That's where I flipped and said she needed a reality check.. And the ball started rolling..
Most of the comments were on how stupid that comment was - and that if MFP was to ignore people with one ED - it should ignore all of them - AKA overeating and so on..
And how fucked up it was to say something like this.. Cause if someone wants the count their intake they do it  no matter of the fact that they can use MFP.
And it rolled over to how stupid it was to not judge the ones who cheer each others bad habits on.. Saying it is ok to eat if it's off your kids plate and so on..

So ya.. It was ttly fucked up...



  1. elliptical totally counts :) and it burns so much too.. it's my favourite equipment as well.

    sounds like a good plan, making sure you're not hungry all day and then binge at night. also figuring out if you're actually hungry or if it's emotional hunger would probably be really good and really helpful. I've tried to do that too, it really helped me get over the BED when I started losing weight again, cos I had to realise if I was feeling real hunger or not, and only eat when I was actually hungry

    wow, so much drama on mfp.. i tend to stay away from the forums cos sometimes people on there can be such idiots

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Good luck! It'll probably take a little getting used to, but it'll be worth it.

  3. Your plans sound so BRILLIANT and thoughtful and moderate.

  4. Your plan sounds great! Best of luck.

  5. I burn tons of calories on the elliptical. If you work on going fast you burn even more and it really can be a good cardio work out. I need some help with the mindless munching myself. I did way too much of it this past weekend. Uggg