Day 16...

Day sixteen: Have you ever missed a work out just because you couldn’t be bothered?
Yup.. Way too many time.. Not going to try to explain even - I would only have excuses and I don't want to keep making excuses..

We had to get up way too early today too.. We had to meet the handyman at the other flat again.. Things are going way too slow in my opinion. We were planning on moving some of the stuff over this weekend. But I doubt it can happen. So it will be one big move next weekend. Bathroom seems to be shaping out pretty nice though :) So that is good.

But today we got to know that we have to change our el - central. It seems to be too old and not good enough to hold everything in the kitchen- so yet another cost.. And we couldn't change the doors - something about having to change everything.. So we are having the painters to paint those too - which is yet another cost _(costs more to paint them than to buy new ones.. WTF... ) . Not to forget about the floors in the kitchen and hallway.. Those had to be redone - cause they weren't put down properly.. So they had to put some sand - and some other plates under and then the wood-floors.. So the sand and the plates were extra cost too.. So far is this renovation is costing us around 60k US dollars and I really hope it stops there - cause we still need to fix the wardrobe in the hallway - and the walk-in closet.. *sigh*

I haven't had money worries the last year or so .. And it has been a blessing.. But I must say I am sort of worried about it now.. I am sure it will be fine - but ya.. I hate this feeling..

Anywho.. Yesterdays eats were so so so much better than the weekend. I am feeling really good about the plan. Yesterdays net was 1032 calories. I did have one mindless munching episode and I started thinking about why I was eating what I was eating.. So today my focus is to have the "talk" with my self BEFORE I start eating and not during :)

Uhm :) I guess that's it for now :)



  1. wow sounds like it's really costly, the whole renovation process, but then you get a beautiful new place to live in, yay! also, crazy that buying a new door
    door is cheaper than painting an old one... that just doesn't make logical sense, hehe

    your eating looked good on MFP, I like the new layout with one morning snack and one afternoon snack, and congrats on the intake!

  2. Eeek....6k. Reno's seem to always take longer and cost more then you planned. Sounds like you two are good with your money so you should be OK. I'm working on the mindless munching too. Not sure why it's so darn hard!