Day 9!

Day nine: What is your favourite food, healthy or unhealthy.
Oh that's a hard one.. I love food.. Cooking it .. Eating it (duuh) .. I have fav's in each food group.. But if we are going to go general.. I guess I would say "Persian food" .. if that is even a valid option :)


Went to the gym last night.. I think the HRM I got from my hubby is fucked.. I know it was an outdated model but it should have worked.. It said that I only burned 40 cals on the elliptical .. while the machine said 134.. So erm ya.. I think I will buy a new one.. It really made me frustrated.. And then on our way home from gym we had to do some small grocery shopping.. (bread - yoghrt- apples) .. And I wanted to try this new low fat brand of yogurt.. I looked up the cals and it was on.. The label didn't give much info. So I thought I would go on the producers site when I get home and punch the info in MFP..

Got home- got online.. And they didn't have any more details on their webpage either.. And guess who ended up having a meltdown over yogurt.. Yup you guessed right.. My poor hubby.. He was all "omg what's wrong" and there I am sobbing over how the freaking yogurt label/site didn't say how much sugar and fiber it was in the shit.. He ended up calculating it all for me (the site gave % and no number)..

Does this happen to you guys.. I tend to have meltdown while grocery shopping - if the stuff I normally have are not there.. Or if something like this happens.. And I am not sure if it's "normal" lol...

PS: @ Miranda.. They never put calories on the menus here.. I have found nutrition info on some web pages.. But that is something that rarely happens. I didn't even find the info from the TGIFridays on their Swedish site.. I got the numbers from MFP..

Anywho... This will be a LOOONNGGG day.. Gonna have a meeting from 1 - 5 :S Freaking 4 hours.. I get tired just thinking about it....

Oh and I want to say thanks for the comments yesterday.. I ttly agree.. The surgery was such a waste of tax money on this dude.. I just can not believe how fast it is backfiring.. I mean he had the surgery done mid august. and it's only been 3 months.. I don't understand how it is even possible...

Sorry for the messy post btw.. I don't seem to be able to focus on it long enough... heh,,



  1. My HRM is a timex. It worked great for a year until the battery had to be replaced. Now it doesn't want to work more than a few times with one new battery. But, the chest strap is actually not bad. It's comfortable and gives an accurate reading.

    What would be an example of "persian food"? I love food from all over the world so I am curious.

  2. P.S. --Sorry I forgot to put this in my other comment. I started your 60day challenge! I wanted to at the beginning of Nov. But couldn't. So you're ahead of me by 8 days. But I'm gonna do it too!

  3. i think i commented on MFP about the HRM..

    and i totally go ballistic over stuff like that. It takes me hours to do grocery shopping because I have to compare the calorie content and fat grams for every brand of everything I buy. The bread aisle alone has like 20+ different brands..