Gastro dude is gaining!

You guys remember my co'worker from this post .. As I mentioned before he was back from his surgery recovery in end of September.. And he has been loosing a bunch of weight..

But guess what.. He is gaining again...

I am just talking to this girl at work.. and it is noticeable.. His face is growing again..


And we can guess why.. His eats are insane....

Anywho.. had a little mean lol moment I had to share ...



  1. All I can say is that he is a stupid fool. You so saw this coming.

  2. I agree with Miranda, AKA Fed Up and Mia. You saw it coming and a waste of tax money. He should have stuck to diet and exercise from the beginning. Or at least after he had the surgery.

  3. It makes me sick when people/organizations that do it don't require rigorous psychological evaluation beforehand and therapy afterward - for life, if needed, as it well may be. I've seen people get it here on public assistance too and it just tees me off. Losing weight and keeping it off is hard work, no two ways about it. Surgery can sometimes help people who are already willing to do the work but it can be useless/dangerous to those who aren't.

  4. The sad thing is that everyone saw it coming but him. And shame on the Docs for not making it more clear to him that he couldn't eat this way and lose the weight. Just proves there is no quick fix. Just hard work.

  5. hehehe you totally called this one!! Too bad he was such a waste of taxpayer's money!