Day 17...

Day seventeen: Have you ever been called fat? Or skinny?
Yup.. Been called for both.. When I was at my lowest weight (which was still couple of kg's over my normal BMI range) - everyone used to say how skinny I look. I guess I have a small frame that made me look smaller?? And yes I have been called for fat way too many times.. It started with my mom calling me for it when I was pretty young.. And it happened again over the years..

I am pretty tired today.. I woke up with a very unsettles tummy. Dunno why it is acting up.. Hopefully it will be over soon. Yesterdays calories inn were 1143 - out 204 = net 939. Gym yesterday was Ok.. I pushed my self past my "omg I can not move my legs level" .. And I realized yet again how bad my shape is heh.. I guess it will get better soon.

Anywho.. Don't have much to say today..



  1. aww hope you are feeling better Kitty luv! xox

  2. I've never been called fat, the only person who ever talked about my weight really was my mom. She never said the word fat but she did however use every other word to describe my weight. Sucks but I now chalk it up to her own issues.

    Sorry you're feeling poorly, I know it's after the fact but I hope you ended up feeling better.