Day 6 and TGIF....

Day six: Have you ever been overweight or underweight?
Overweight.. Still am.... 

OMG.. I did so good today .. All day.. And then I met my American coworker and we went out and we had dinner at TGIFriday's... and OMFG.. I just punched in my dinner on MFP.. and the dinner was over 3k calories.. UGG... WTF..... I feel sick to my guts now... That's it.. From now on.. Dinners out = sides only.. 


  1. TGI Friday's are the devil, dammit! everything good is the devil to me though.
    3K?! how is that even possible? i never eat out from Friday's and that's because in all of my country, there is one Friday's - next to the movie theatre and i rarely go there because i'm not a big fan but my fam is. The last time I went to Friday's, i was sipping on water because i didn't want anything. i felt like everything was going to come out in extra huge portions.
    but hey, darling! at least you learned from this experience. <3 hope you do better next time, love. <3

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I love Friday's. I usually get the Cobb Salad. It's in the 500's on cals I think. They actually do have some good choices. Here they put the cals right on the menu. I have gotten the choco molten lava dessert before and could only eat half my dinner 'cause it has so many dang calories. Well, moving on right? Hopefully there isn't too much damage. Oh, I watched house hunters international and it was about a couple moving to Norway. Bergen. I thought of you!!!