Day 10..

Day ten: Do you eat breakfast? What do you usually have?
Yes I do now :) I normally have half a sandwich with turkey ham OR fruit (apple/banana/melon) with a small pro- bio drink. And a cup of green tea. In the weekends I like to have something different- the last couple weeks I have made scrambled eggs from 1 whole egg and 2-3 egg-whites with green bell peppers/mushrooms - something I have in the fridge. And I have a dry toast with it.

Sort of tired today... We went to the gym around 20:30 and when we got there I realised I had forgotten my shoes :S So went back home.. Picked up the shoes.. Went back to the gym.. And I REALLY didn't want to.. Got in 20 mins of exercise.. Not much to brag about.. But having been there twice this week already, is better than the 0 I have had before.. So ya.. I have NOT lost any weight this week.. I know it's only been two days.. but ya.. :( ... I guess I have to suck it up.. Stop being naggy about it, only cause I have been getting my act together for few days. And wait for the results to show.

@ Seeking Something Else : I love that you are in on the 60 day challenge :) I found it on Samzi's blog and it seemed like a blast.. I am not sure if I should post every thing I have done/plan to do after the instructions from the challenge though.. I guess as long as I actually do it, is what matters?

And Persian food is actually very yummy. It is normally stews made of chicken/meat- veggies/lentils - in a herb/tomato based sauce. We also have a bunch of good soups - and kebobs, and even lentils, vegs cooked in the rice - sort of like an Indian biryani . It is sad that now a days people seem to be adding more fat and butter to the stews and such, cause back in the days Persian food very balanced. Our food is spiced but not hot (unless you are from the south part of the country) ..

I have tried to make some of the stews meat free and they have been very very yummy :) I also tend to just bake the veg's in the oven - or add them raw in the stew, instead of frying it first (many many many ppl fry them first :S ).. Here are some pages where you can find recipes and so on, if you want to try to make some Here and here are the links..  One of my most fav dishes is this one  , it is a chicken stew on a walnut and pomegranate sauce.. It has every flavour you would want in a dish hehe... (I think atleast :P )

Didn't you live in the UK? There are some amazing Persian restaurants in London, mostly placed around Kensington..

Erm ya hehe :)

Oh and I agree with what everyone said about the gastro dude.. We all saw it coming.. I don't really feel sorry for him.. But his little girl.. She is so pretty and smart.. And I would hate to see something happen to her.. The chances of her growing up to be very overweight.. Or having an eating disorder are very very very big with a dad like that... I did ask him about his treatment before.. He did get a bunch of info and such BEFORE his surgery. And now I heard something about going to weigh-in session once a month or so.. But nothing else. As far as I know, he has been given a nutrition plan.. Following it is another story...

@ Miranda.. Sorry for being woozy.. I forgot to reply back on your comment :S
It is going to be fun with a new kitchen :) Maybe you get some fun ideas from ours when it's done ^^ (IF we ever get done :P )


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  1. 20 minutes is better than 0 minutes :) good job! and especially on going even though you didn't want to!