Oh so very tired..

Week four!
Weekly challenge: Switch up your diet. Try one fruit and one vegetable you’ve never tried before, and learn how to cook a new healthy meal.

Well this weeks challenge wont really happen. I do try new fruit and veggies often - but we are moving this weekend, and wont have a kitchen for a week ish. And I am actually quite good at cooking - so I guess this weeks challenge isn't really applying to me..

Day twenty-two: Are you generally smaller or larger than your friends?
Larger I think.. Larger than most of them.. I think that I am larger than everyone ....

Day twenty-three: Do you feel that your weight holds you back socially?
Sometimes I feel horrid about going out and dread it.. I have several times just cancelled - cause it got too much.

Day twenty-four: Is losing weight one of your top priorities in life?
This question really makes me sad.. But it is..

Yet another Wednesday where I am skipping the weigh-in. I haven't really been eating much the last few days, but I dunno..

I'm just so tired .. We are moving this weekend, and we haven't started packing even. So I asked for Friday and next Monday off. .. Hopefully the floor guy will fix his shit today or tomorrow. This guy is chewing on my last nerve. Hubby had a "Dude you better get your act together soon, or we wont be that nice anymore" talk with him the other day. So ya..

On the bright side- the bathroom is finished! Yaay for that :) Our bathroom is small, but it is enough for now .. We are probably going to move again in 4-5 years ish.. So ya..

Anyway.. Got ttly out of focus here.. So I am going to just finish the post :)

Moving this weekend btw - Might not have internet access for few days.



  1. Hope you have a smooth move. So exciting!!

  2. Hope the move goes well, think about all the extra exercise you'll be getting in!
    Perhaps you could try new fruits/veg that you don't have to cook?
    p.s. I've also got a lot of weight to shed- you're not alone :)