Day 4!

Day four: Do you work out? How many times a week?
Nope.. I don't.. My goal is to start working out more when the moving madness settles- and I hope to be able to start the couch 25k running more properly now.

I am feeling much much much better today.. Thank you so much for your support ladies.
I had my low day and I had my cookies and I am feeling so much better. I guess I just needed to vent :) Thanks for being there <3

So I am back on track again - and I am having some hunger pangs - which is normal since I have been eating probably a bit too much during the "week" .. But I am dealing with it. Hubby is going away this weekend - probably will be back Saturday night or Sunday morning but ya - I am planning to use those days to get back in control of the eats instead of binging (Which I normally do when he is away)..

I am planning to eat light and low cal stuff during the day so I don't get tempted to a "binge" mode being hungry.

Ooohhh girls.. Shitloads of stuff are happening!
So just got an email from the painters- they can start painting everything on Monday.. I am thinking about having the same colour in the kitchen, living-room and the hallway.. The colour I want for those rooms is called chalk - so it is a grey shade of white.. It is the same colour that we have in the living-room where we live now, it works perfectly with our couch and the stainless stuff we are going to have in the kitchen.

The bedrooms and the walk-in closet are going to be white with a very light shade of purple in them. I want to have the warmth from it. The door and window frames are going to be in white- plain white. We are even going to paint the radiator and those will be in the same colour as the walls...

I got my faith back heheh - Cause I think this will look great..

Did I mention the wardrobe that is in the hallway? We (AKA I) decided to go for the doors that you can shove to the sides.. The doors will go from the ceiling to the floors.. Going to have one of the doors in plain white and the other going to be a mirror door. I hate the idea of not having a mirror in the hallway on my way out (even though I don't always enjoy what I see there) but ya :) - reminds me I have to call them too and make an appointment. 

Man I don't seem to be able to finish this post --- Insane at work today... Off for now



  1. Funny you mention the mirror. I really want one in our bedroom or at least downstairs. Right now, I literally don't even really look at myself head to toe before I go out. Glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to see pics of all the renovations. How exciting.

  2. ooooh I really wanna do C25K!! I just want to be able to run properly. I can do the elliptical 5K but it's not the same... running is always so much harder and I always feel like I'm gonna die when I run.

    I'm glad you are feeling better :) and that your mood is up. I'm also glad everything is lining up with the flat and all. hope they didn't work you too hard at the office! xx