Should I ...

Post my daily eats here?? Or maybe weekly??

Anyone ??


  1. i want to do that, like to set up MFP so it automatically posts my diary for the day, but I don't know if I can actually do that. Probably not. I'm always very curious as to what people eat though, so if you do it I'm all for it :)

  2. You should try it and see how it goes. Try posting everyday and see how that goes for you. If it doesn't work, try every other day or every few days. If that doesn't work, try weekly or something. You could maybe keep track on paper to help you when you go to post. Or even just take a picture and upload that or something? I do like seeing what other people are eating. It gives me more ideas of low-cal foods to eat.

  3. Yes, post. It's really easy to post b/c of my calorie tracker app but if it's not so easy maybe do weekly.