Day 11...

Day eleven: What are your family’s eating habits like?
Depends on what you define as family.. Being Persian, EVERYTHING revolved around food. While I grew up.. Food was my safety.. My friend..
Now.. My husband and I.. I guess I can't really define our habits.. He eats enough for 2( and still weighs in no more than 140 lbs lol) and I guess.. I have my good and bad days..

I finally bought a new HRM yesterday. a Polar FT7.. and I love it.. It is SO much easier to use than the old one.. And I just start it and when I stop it - I get my beats and my calorie burned numbers right up.. I don't have to use a freaking book to see where to click for everything I want it to do..

And since you guys think it is a good idea for me to post my eats. I am going to do it.. :) Probably a good idea to help me keep my limits. There is no easy way to do it using MFP.. even the reports suck lol :P And since most of the products I eat are nordic brands - it would be hard for you guys to see what it is anyhow. So I can just write it down here. My eats can be very very boring.. And I tend to pretty much almost eat the same stuff over and over again... So ya hehe

This week so far :

  • Breakfast: Nespresson coffee (10 cal) - Actimel pro bio drink 0.1% fat (28 cal) - Green tea (0 cal)
  • Lunch: medium banana (105 cal) - Coffee made from grounds (2 cal) - Green tea (0 cal)
  • Dinner: Weight-watchers frozen meal, Vegetarian moussaka (274 cal)
  • Snacks: Eat natural macadamia bar (156 cal), Wasa - Crisp'n Light 7 Grain, 2 slices (40 cal), Polar extreme whole wheat bun (184 cal), Philadelphia cream cheese light (56 cal), Half tomato (14 cal), 10 salt pretzel (10 cal) 
Total inn: 908 Calories - 133 gr carbs - 25 gr fat - 28 gr protein
Exercise: 90 calories burned 
Net: 818 

  • Breakfast: Nespresso coffee x2 (20 cal) - medium banana (105 cal) - Green tea (0 cal)
  • Lunch: Low fat butter 10 gr (28 cal) - 3% fat turkey ham 25 gr (25 cal) - Paprika 30gr (8 cal) - Pågen wholewheat bread 2 slices (144 cal)
  • Dinner: Weight-watchers frozen meal, green pepper chicken (342 cal) - Rice and chicken sag (378 cal)
  • Snacks: Coffee 2 cups made from grounds (4 cal) - medium banana (105 cal) - Ica - Melonmix, 180 gr (180 gr)
Total inn: 1226 calories - carbs 197 gr - fat 20 gr - Protein 66 gr
Exercise: 260 calories burned
Net: 962 

  • Breakfast: Actimel pro bio drink 0.1% fat (28 cal) - Fruit - Apple, Gala, Medium (72 cal)
  • Lunch: Low fat butter 10 gr (28 cal) - 3% fat turkey ham 30 gr (30 cal) - Paprika 30gr (8 cal) - Pågen wholewheat bread 2 slices (144 cal) - Green tea (0 cal)
  • Dinner: Subway - 6 Inch Double Turkey,Honey Oat Bread, No Cheese & honeymustard, lettuce, paprika, cucumber (379 cal)
  • Snacks: 10 salt pretzel (10 cal) - medium banana (105 cal) - Coffee made from grounds (2 cal) 
Total inn: 835 calories, 156 gr carbs, 12 gr fat, 56 gr protein
Exercise: 0 (we walked around ALOT doing errands but I don't think it counts)
Net: 835

There :) I have planned my todays eats - but since it might change, I am going to post it the day after. I also drink between 2 to 3 L water a day. I chug down one liter during work days and the rest at home. 

I am finally starting to get back to the weight I was before the "week" and the TGIF episode.. So that's good..  Aiming to be under that by the end of this week. 

Anyway.. Off for now :) 


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