Renovation madness and all that Jazz!

Day seven: Do your friends and family know you are trying to lose weight?
Well duuuhh yaa lol - they have seen me yoyo up and down for years.. Some know more than others but ya.. They do.. 

Week Two!
If you broke your unhealthy habit for one week, congratulations! Why not try two weeks?
I actually have - until today ( I will eat something as we speak) - and yup  Iwill.. 

Weekly challenge: Get organised! This week try to plan tomorrow’s meal the night before.
I am going to do that. I should really get organised. I love planning so ya I guess I will add that to the list. 

Day eight: Name 5 things you like about your body (you can do it) and the one body part you’d like to change the most.
- I love my eyes and my eye lashes.. I have big brown eyes and long lashes :) 
- I love the shape of my lips and my smile. I have pretty full lips so ya :) 
- My cheekbones.. Eventhough I am overweight now, they are still pretty much easy to notice and see. 
- My hands/nails - I dunno why.. Just do hehe :) 
- My waist - being hour glass shapes - my waist is always so much smaller than the rest of me.. 

Ooohh.. Only one part I want to change most.. Hmmm... I guess my upper arms.. I HATE how huge they are no matter how much I lose weight.. So ya.. I guess that would be one of the part I would like to change most.. 


This weekend has been OK.. Yesterday was the first day in ages - hubby and I had time to relax together. We had to go out and do laundry and blabla.. But we had a few small hours where we got to just be and hang. 

But today is Monday and everything is on again.. We met the painters early this morning... We had to give him the last key we have to the apartment. We have 3 keys.. We gave one to the people fixing the bathroom (they say they will be done by the end of this week.. Doesn't seem so yet - but we will see) - Second one is with the guy that is fixing the floors and that is going to put up the kitchen. He is from the Co we bought the kitchen from so ya. And today we had to give the last one to the painters. The guy is going to be working late and so on - so we didn't have a choice ... 

They are really strict with how many keys you can have .. And our main key (the one to the main door of the building and so on) is just a tag.. And we can not copy that.. So ya.. I guess we just have to plan around with the guys working there when we need to get into the flat lol... 

But ya.. If everything goes as planned- The bathroom will be done by the end of this week. The flooring will also be done by then. The painters will be done by the end of next week. 

The kitchen cabinets are being delivered Friday. And they have two weeks to assemble and hang them up. The kitchen wont be done before mid December though - since they have to order the stone bench AFTER the kitchen is up.. So ya.. It will be a bless to live off microwave food for like 3 weeks hehe.. Thank God for the weight-watcher options lol.. 

And we still haven't started packing.. I guess I will have to get on with that this weekend. And pack as much as possible. 

Anywho.. Time to try to focus on work... 

I was late this morning cause of the painters.. And probably will have to work over - or during lunch.. So ya... 



  1. How exciting!!! We are doing up our kitchen come Jan Feb of next year and I cannot wait!

  2. i hate packing!! but moving into a new place is always so much fun, especially if all your kitchen/bathroom stuff is new. And I love figuring out where everything goes and basically turning a house into a home!

    anyway, hope work is going well! and that fixing the flat is going well too