Someone please kill me NOW!!

This has been a shitty day at work.. We lacked 4 people and we had a new high record of how many emails were sent through our systems.. Anywho.. In the middle of this whole shit that coworker of mine that I have talked about .. The one who is having the gastro..

He said "You know what? The swedish goverment pays for more woman to have the gastro than menn.. You should ttly milk them as much as you can and get one. I mean you are just like me.. You need it" 

OMG!!! SOMEONE SHOOT ME NOW!!! The fucktard is def. over 600 lbs now after e has lost a bunch of weight for the operation.. He talks about how he is going to keep eating as soon as his sore heals after the operation.. His only exercise is that he walks from the bus station to/from work/house (which is 3 mins walk tops) and then he fucking compares him self to me???

Who the fuck does he think he is.. OMG!!! I know I am fat.. But this fat... OMG OMG OMG!! I have been so pissed ever since he said it but I haven't had the time to do something about it..

I know that I am fat but I am fucking trying to do something about it... OMG.. This sucks so much.. I can not believe he could say something like that to me..


I rather die than become like him... I rather purge every fucking thing I eat.. Or starve than become like him.. OMG.. I just can not believe this shit...


  1. What an inconsiderate jackass.
    He makes me want to hurt him...
    I hope that your day looks up.
    Hang in there. <3

  2. Stupid wanker. Ignore him, or use him for inspiration and give him the finger when you are losing weight and he is making himself sick from being so big.

  3. Lose the weight with out the surgery. Feel great about yourself because you're not taking a shortcut that won't work in the end (if he doesn't exercise and goes back to eating crap, he will regain his weight) that will be the best revenge. Because when he says something to you about it, you get to rub it in his face.

    Also, I try to remember this with my co-workers, they are trying to make themselves feel better. He's thinking that if you are just like him, then he's not so bad. In his head he's not saying that you are fat, but that he's not that fat.

  4. he's probably jealous of you, you didn't let it get that far. (600Ibs? that's huge, that's more huge than huge) he did. so instead of doing something about his fatness he tries to bring you down. what an a*hole.

  5. That fucking bastard!
    ...WHAT? 600lbs? Darling, don't listen to him. Just let him watch you transform, stinging him like a bee whilst looking like a butterfly! <3

  6. He's a fucking asshole. You can do this without the surgery. I bet he ends up back to his original size because he won't change his habits. You are going to lose weight and be able to maintain it. He will lose some and gain it all back (if not more) because he doesn't have the commitment you do. You will lose weight and by doing it "the hard way" you will show that you have more will power and self control that he does. You are better than him. Stay strong.

  7. you need to tell him as politely as possible JUST because you have to work with him daily "Sorry to say it but I am not nearly the size you are nor do I need to lose nearly as weight as you. You are morbidly obese and I'm not even close" He's such an idiot. Dont' listen to him. He'll always be fat.

  8. OMG what an asshole! You don't need the surgery hon you can earn this through dedication and commitment and will look and feel a million times better about yourself! Grr I want to stick needles in his eyes or something similar for saying such a horrendous thing!!!

    AJ xxx

  9. Wow. What a jerk. He's obviously just feeling like crap and trying to bring some one else down to his level. The only thing I suggest is to try to make a friend of him. Be extra nice to him for a while and if he doesn't become any less of a douche bag, just ignore the hell out of him. Forever.

  10. hey love! don't even pay him any mind, what a jackass. he is clearly just projecting his insecurities on to you! you are definitely not 600-pounds (we've seen you in your wedding dress picture and there is no way you would even resemble someone who was like 600 pounds. also if he isn't even planning on making a lifestyle change after the surgery then he is clearly a moron and stupid, because he will just turn out to be one of those people who lose a tiny bit of weight after surgery and then gain it all back because they haven't changed their eating habits. You on the other hand are going to do this the hard way, without surgery, and you will be so much more successful than him and he will just have to eat dung! you're doing great just stay strong and keep working hard and ignore the assholes!
    Love love love!! hugs hugs hugs!!