I want to stop counting..

Ok.. Ok.. So I know I have to count if I want to lose weight.. Either carbs or calories or whatever I decide to do.. But I am so sick of it. I am so sick of reading ALL the labels.. Spending hours and hours at the store just to get few items.. You know what I mean.. Don't you??
I have been thinking about what I am going to do with the whole food thing.. I have been thinking about low calorie.. Low carb.. Flexitarian.. and I am just so tired.. I can see it for me.. Food and the calorie/carb content lol.. I have been doing this shit for so long and I am still so fat..
So what am I going to do.. Well this is what I am going to do..
I am going to eat normal food. But in very small portions. To do so I am going to pick out a small bowl/plate and use that to have my portion control. If we eat out I will only eat half of what is served, most portions are too big anyways, aren't they??
So 3 main meals, and 2-3 snacks. And I am going to get my lazy bum to the gym. 3-4 days a week is a real goal for me. I will pick it up as I go and get more in shape- making it longer and more challenging.
So that's it.. Nothing fancy. Nothing expencive. No counting. That is after all how "normal" people do, isn't it? And I guess it is something that can be done no matter where I am or what sort of event I am going to.


  1. Best of luck, I like the new ideas. Most sit down places do serve over sized portions, so taking half home with you for another meal is always helpful. Also, the idea of a smaller plate/bowl is great. I actually have a fork that I try to use at my house that is "child sized" it looks like a normal fork but the tines are a little smaller, IDK it makes me slow down and take smaller bites. I was told that blue or darker colored plates and bowls help with weight loss, since yellows and reds are associated with food (think ALL the major food chains colors)

  2. I am super tired of counting too. It gets so old. Thank goodness my app makes it easier but still.

  3. I'm too addicted to counting to let it go. I have to see today as a "number" rather than a day. The number makes the day good or bad to be honest. :'(

    Also, try getting the smallest spoon possible! It's a great great great help since I scarf down food too fast. With a small spoon it can be hard to finish a plate quickly. Get me? :')

  4. I think this sounds like a really good, solid plan. Good luck!