Back to the gym..

Today has been Ok so far. Most of the family stuff is done. His dad is comming over for dinner, and his little brother is still here after the family brunch. The brunch went Ok. I think his gran is too sick to bother with the comments..
Tomorrow we are getting back to the gym. The idea is that I hit the gym after work and that he will join me when he gets there (he has a 20 min drive from his work). I have to plan our dinner so I don't overeat after the gym.
Haven't been to the gym for around 3 weeks (eeeek) so this will hurt. I am going to try to do the couch to 5k on the treadmill.. The treadmills scare the shit out of me heheh but I am going to try anyways. The weather outside is either too humid or too hot or rainy lately, so I think it's a good idea to start there.
Anyways. Still no period.. But I am putting the baby freaking thoughts out of my head..If it happenes we will just deal with it. The timing may not be the best, but it is what it is.. and for all I know.. I just might be sick all the time cause of Marisa Peers book and the period is late cause I have alot of stuff on my mind..
Foodwise I am all over the place. I need to stop and just say no and basicly get my shit together.. Stop whining and act instead. Tbh I don't think anything will work for me as long as I don't take charge and actually start saying no.. No matter how many diet or shit I try.. It wont happen until I just go for it. Going for it for only few days and then nvm it has the freaking yoyo effect, which is probably why my weight keeps going up and up as soon as it goes a little bit down. The fact that I haven't been going to the gym isn't helping either.

I think the only way to stop this mental war is just to stop trying diet on diet. Do a proper lifestyle change. And just stop being such a whiney lazy bum and just do it.. I don't understand why I can't do it in this aspect of my life.. I have always worked on what I want and most of the times I get it. It might take time, but I get it.. Why can't I just get a hold of the stupid eating habbits??

Anyways I'm gonna go get dinner on and try to socialize with his little bro.. Hope you guys are  having a good weekend.


  1. oh man, i hope the pregnancy scare comes to an end soon!! and good luck with couch to 5k! I'm so excited for you to start! it will be wonderful having someone else who is doing it as well :) <3

  2. Thanks love :) Ya.. The period is still a noshow :S but ya.. yay for couch to 5k :) Wish me luck ^^