A new day..

I want to start with saying thanks for the support and your kind words on the posts I made yesterday. I was having a really hard time dealing with it and it came as a shock. But I am OK today. I am out of energy and had a hard time getting up even after almost 10 hours of sleep, but this is "normal".. I always get the no energy, I am a walking zombie day after an emotional day like I had yesterday. But I slept and today I am dealing with it.
@ Ulla: I have emailed around to see if there is another doctor I can see that actually knows more about this illness and that will not say moronic stuff like get an aspirin. But she did call me yesterday and told me that she had discussed the matter with her "mentor" apparently she wasn't a "proper" doctor.. *sigh* .. They are going to send me the note so I can pick up the proper painkillers. So that's good but ya.. I hope those email result in something good cause I can't keep having days like this over and over heh.
But the whole situation has triggered something.. It is giving me the will to control the things I can control in my life. I am going to pick up gym. I have to get stronger. I need to work out, get in proper shape. I need to be very careful about what I put in my mouth and get in my body OR what I don't put in it..
Anyways starting a get back in track and get your shit together program. Getting back to the gym. I don't really care if I just go there and walk or whatever. I am going to get going every week day. Weekend opening hours at our gym are sucky- so it will be something at home.
Anyways- the new plan is to keep to modifast and only modifast for until 27th of July. No alternations. Hit the gym every week day. Get off my ass and do something in the weekends. I have to remember to take my supplements.. I keep forgetting them.. But I have to remember them. Also listen to the "you can be thing" audio track every night to keep "programming" my brain.
On another note I am making a change in my reward plan. I had put up an GHD flat iron as my first reward but my BF got it for me on Saturday. He knows I have been wanting one for ages- and it was on sale. So I am removing it from my reward list. I am not replacing it with anything else. I don't really see a reason why.
I also bought a couple pairs of shoes. It was on a get two pay for 1 sale. And I loved them so I got one in pale pink and one in black. I know, maybe wrong to get two of the same in different colours but they are soo comfy and I wasn't going to use my "free" shoe to get something really cheap..

I am going to use the pink one at the wedding. It wont really show but I wanted something comfy and still pretty to wear. And the black one is a more everyday kind of shoe. Now I just need a wardrobe to match my shoe collection lol..
Another change I want to make is to get up earlier.. I want to get up earlier and get my face on properly. Lately I haven't been wearing any makeup and my hair is giving me hell... So I guess 30 mins earlier in the mornings should fix that.
I am going to put up the modifast values in "my fitness pal" and start keeping track of everything. I also am going to start keeping track of how much I drink. I might even make a page and post it on weekly bases.

Anywho.. I am gonna finish this post with a clip I saw on facebook yesterday. Gotta love Nicole Richie hehe

Wishing you all a good day <3

Edit: OMG! Have a look at this clip.. Wow..


  1. Pwetty shoes! :)
    And I agree that getting up earlier is a great resolution! I have also been doing that and it seriously is just a matter of getting used to it. Stay strong!

  2. We all kind of crash sometimes and get really bummed out and angry. The thing is what you do after and it sounds like you are bouncing back. Those shoes are super cute. I LOVE pink!!! Hope you get the right meds soon.

  3. That clip is really inspiring!
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I love the shoes, they are super pretty. :D
    Major props to you for starting this new plan and getting yourself back on track.
    The first step is always the most difficult.
    Once you get past that, you can do anything!
    I wish you the best of luck. :D
    Have a wonderful day; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3