Too tired to function..

I'm soooo tired today. My BF and I have been sick since the last day in London. He has been running a fever and I have had a really upset tummy. And its been raining for days.. The weather is soo humid and it is doing "wonders" for my hair.. I have been drying and using the flat iron on it but it curls up after like 10 mins.. I'm not joking.. There are curls standing out from every corner of my head :S And on top of that.. The humid weather is killing my joints.. The pain is horrid.. My whole body is in such an unbalanced state.. But I am back to work.. I couldn't take any more days off. I haven't been to work for days and it doesn't look so good since I'm still on my  trial contract. 
Anywho... I have been rereading the "you can be thin" book and I have made up couple pages with the main pointers of it. I understand its view and I agree on almost everything. There is one thing that I don't understand and its kind of making me panic.. No calorie counting?? I mean I know if you are eating what is right for your body you will have a healthy body and you will lose weight and so on. But no counting at all?? The idea is kind of freaking me out and I hate the idea of not knowing how much I am getting in me. It is probably wrong way of thinking, and I know I should be able to stop when I have had enough, but not knowing the numbers is really :S I have used this  calculator and this BMR calculator. For my current weight the calories needed for maintenance is 2111 and for fatloss: 1866. For my GW it is 1439 for maintenance, 1151 for fat loss and 880 for extreme fat loss. The BMR of my current weight is 1834 and my GW BMR is 1296. So I think a calorie intake goal of 1200 is a sensible goal specially since nuts and seed can have high calories. 
I know I should maybe nvm the counting and just do what she does, but knowing the calories gives me this sort of control, and I am a control freak. The numbers also motivate me and make it easier for me to stop when I have had my calories. With the "whole" foods it will be easier to keep the numbers in control. 

Anyways.. Over to something different, I think I have finally found the saloon for my wedding updo and makeup. I just got off the phone with them and they should call me back soon with details about when we can have the trial. I am still not sure about how I want it, but I think I want some hair to somehow frame my face and a side split (if that even makes sense)... Something like this would work: 
I was thinking about getting more extentions inn and make it long and go with it down, but I get sooo warm wearing my dress now only for few mins, that I can not imagine how it would feel like wearing the hair down AND have the dress in the middle of summer hehe. So I think updo is the way to go. I still am not sure if I will use the veil. I guess it depends on the hair. 

Change of subject again. I need to figure out what to do about my lunch meals. I am thinking about having a banana and 10 almonds. I hate having to take food in lunch box with me and I really can't be bothered trying to figure out the calorie content of premade salads and so on. It doesn't taste good and it doesn't cost too much compared for how much you could make your self making the salad at home.

I think I am just going to publish this post. I have been trying to write it since 9 this morning and its 4PM now :P Oh and I think I have found a new baker for the wedding! 

Laters <3 


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    The book you're reading reminds me of Paul McKenna's "I can make you thin." He also says no calorie counting, just eat what you want only when you are hungry, eat slowly by putting your hands down between each bite. I think he might have a few others. It seems to me that they are doing a calorie reduction, just not by counting. His book also came with a hypnosis CD, which I found great for falling asleep! LOL!

    Do what works for you. Maybe try it her way for a week and see if it works for you?

  2. Ya sounds pretty much like it. Ya I have been on it since yesterday.
    I am however really afraid of going on a binge mode cause there is no calorie restriction. How did the book work for you except from the falling sleep part? ^^
    Her CD makes me really sick, picturing the "glue" (bread)coward tummy and the mucus (cheese) sandwiches with a side of lard(chocolate) lol.. I get soo sick everytime I listen to it.... Or even think of it heh.. But I guess that is the point of it..

  3. Paul McKenna's CD is more hypnosis telling you to imagine yourself slimmer, imagine taking longer to eat. There are not gross out techniques. Though there are things like that in the book for killing cravings and eliminating things from your diet. I like the eating slower tips, but I also have to count calories. Because if I ate whatever I wanted it'd be 3 meals of chocolate : )

  4. hehe, I second the 3 meals of chocolate ^^