Not feeling too well today ..

I'm not sure if it is leftover bugs from the tummy flue we got in London, or what but I am still feeling really sick and my tummy is really upset. I know I'm not pregnant now that I got my period. Anyways going to the doctor Monday morning. I am going to talk to her about modifast as well since I will be doing the purely modifast thing for 6 weeks instead of the 3 weeks that the page recommends. With my BMI it should not be an issue.

I am up 0.6 lbs today. But it is most likely cause of my period. I always gain a stupid amount of weight during which goes back to normal day or two after it's over, and 0,6 is nothing compared to how much I normally gain. So now I am going to take a break from the scale for a few days but we will see. I have never been able to stay off it!

Still haven't gotten to the gym.. I suck I know.. I just have no energy or will to move being so nauseated all the time..

@ Fedup.. Gl on that.. I haven't really been in mood/shape to do the mental stuff Marisa Peer talks about with the gym stuff yet.. And thanks hon :)

@Child of a pathy.. Thanks :) I am going to try to do the small goals thing,, I just need to get my bum to gym first hehe.. Oh and those boots are very cute.. They kill the feet when you walk for more than 5 mins in them hehe but they sure are cute..

Oh and welcome to the new followers, I don't seem to be able to follow your blogs since I don't always get them up if you haven't linked them to your profile. So feel free to leave the link as a comment so I can check them out :)

And I have a question for you all. Why did you choose the nickname you have on blogger?? I choose Kitty, since it is my nickname irl. My bff started calling me for that years ago.. I think it's more than 10 years ago now.. Cause she says I have a cat like personality. I can be very nice and cozy when I want to, but as soon as something bothers me and makes me upset I go all "catty" and scratch back hehe. And people say I sound like a kitten when I sneeze.. (*sigh* I know)..
So why did you choose yours :) ??


  1. I know we all hate periods but I'm really glad you got yours! and you don't have to worry about being preggers :) and with the gym, you could try making yourself take a long walk every day (outside is always nice but on the treadmill works too) and then slowly work your way up to running. Also maybe try using the elliptical/crosstrainer for a few days before starting the run. The elliptical burns way more and helps ease you into running, and it is easier on the joints and muscles. I hope you feel better soon! GL with the doctor! <3
    Also, Ulla is my nickname in real life, my full name is Ursula which I hate (just imagine how the French would say it - something like "Eurh-surhle" yeah totally butchered, lol). My little sister could never pronounce Ursula when she was learning to speak so she called me Ulla and it stuck :)

  2. I picked mine because A and L were my initials before I got married and I liked the way they looked spelled out.

    And congratulations on not being pregnant. Haha. That would certainly be stressful for you right about now.

  3. Not being pregnant is good.
    Very good indeed. :)
    Why did I choose my nickname?
    There are lots of reasons.
    One, I love language and alliteration.
    My boyfriend calls me his Princess, so that is where the first bit came from.
    And I am a perfectionist, so that is where the second bit came from. :)
    Thanks for following; I am definitely returning the favor!
    I hope you have a great day today; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  4. My favorite tv show was called "Moonlight". I was on during the writers strike here in the US, and it didn't survive. They only made like 10 episodes, but it was amazing!


  5. Yay for not being preggers :)
    I chose mine because my fav band that i was listeing to at the time have a song called Sons of Apathy and since im not a boy i just changed it to child :) It didnt occur to me to use my real name like other people do lol x